Why the anger and name calling? all religions


When we disagree with someone or dont like what they say we dont have to answer and if we do we definetly do not need to be rude and name call. That is no way, to enhance communication.

The way I see it we all have our bias and racism whether it be to a group, religion, or race.

we are all adults work on your temper and issues before posting.

Thank you sincerely one who has to think a lot before cursing people out also, see Im not perfect either:o


You’re too smart to list what religion you are? When was Jesus afraid to tell us His? When did Jesus us tell us to hide ours? I looked at your profile and it is surprising. My guess is that you are either agnostic or athiest based on what you write?

I’m a re-born “BORN AGAIN” Catholic and am proud to yell it at the top of my lungs! I thank God my Baptist preacher made me Catholic.


you are almost right. and its not that I’m hiding it from any of you that is how I feel on the subject. I’m too much of a big girl to hide, from jesus, here or anyone.

why is my profile surprising? whats in it that shocked you most? that I don’t care about peoples opinions, that I lost my child, or that I am and can be kind without having to follow organized religion?

what does my lack of religion have to do with the validity of my post?

when I said I am too smart for that, I meant to smart too be judged on my religion as I knew people would be checking it before posting a reply to me, as my point was proven.

I actually do not have one since you asked, I am more of a believer in God with common sense. I decipher what I read and ask questions, I don’t believe the church and go on what I see. I am glad you have such a strong faith and thank God for your religion. Try to keep it. Life is hard and once hope is lost…

anyhow thats my reply


Honestly, I think most of the problem is that people take offense too easily. I have seen alot of threads where someone accused a poster of being rude and uncharitable and insulting. Most of the time I would not have taken offense by what the accused poster said. People here do tend to use strong language because they are talking about something that is very important to them. Most of the time it seems to me that people are just using the words that they think most accurately describe how they feel.

There’s no reason to take offense every time someone comes to the defense of their beliefs. Not all negative words are insults. Sometimes it seems that people aren’t allowed to express negative opinions without other people jumping down their throats.


so true maybe it should be a signature.


If I could give you some type of award I would. Well said.


I thought I had an award icon on my pc but the most I found was this …umm it didnt work okay thumbs up


If I could give you some type of award I would. Well said.

Thank you. :smiley:


Greetings Everyone,
Why all the anger and name calling? The problem is everybody wants to be right, deep within all of us lies a longing for absolute security, to be able to know with absolute certainty. We feel that we should be absolutely sure of everything that we believe. Surely, we feel, we ought to be able to prove everything that we believe.
Christianity does not concern logical propositions or self-evident truths (such as “2 + 2 = 4,” or “the whole is greater than the part”). Both of these are certainly true, but truths like God’s grace, salvation, etc. are taken on faith and are proved only by the Holy Spirit or death. Men, even true believers are prideful and easially deceicved, so you see anger and name calling are two things that are common to man. Did Jesus say, “men will know you are my disciples by the way you defend the faith”? No He said men will know by seeing the love you have one for another.



The originator of this thread has a very unusual profile.


I agree. We can get a little too sensitive. It is hard to understand a person’s tone in their writing sometimes. That is why I use the smiley’s alot. I want people to know how I feel. I just posted an angry message with respect but I let all know upfront I was angry.I usually think before I write or I delete before I send.:o


You’re right. (Happy now :wink: )?


Godbless, I’m sorry for your loss.


Thanks, I feel quite secure now!:thumbsup:


For me what may seem like anger is usually frustration, it’s never personal. I think one of the problems is that mere text, even *** italicized BOLD, underlined, text*** cannot adequately express the nuances of face to face conversation.



I think another reason why we tend to get angry and throw out names when someone tells us that our beliefs are wrong or they disagree is because our beliefs are WHO WE ARE. They are our core. You can’t describe yourself without your beliefs. So when someone disagrees with or totally disrespects your beliefs they are in essence disrespecting you. Keep this in mind the next time you disagree with someone and watch how you approach it because it’s a deep hurt and insult when someone attacks the beliefs you hold so dear. Catholic or protestant. :slight_smile:


i was taught murder is wrong
so I can’t attack someone that thinks murder is okay?


Really, seriously, this is the response that you come back with? Wow… Funny. What kind of people do you get into conversations with that think murder is ok? Attack them? No. Get them serious help… definately.

If you wanna disagree with my theory that’s fine but a thought out response is much more appreciated.


Trust me when I say this. You are on your way maam’. On your way to some serious peace and truth :). I am happy for you.

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