Why the CARM forum should be avoided.

If you post in CARM, (Christian Apologetics Research Ministry): owner: Matt Slick

*]you will collect negative points on trumped up rule violations
*]you will be ultimately be banned for the same reasons
*]you will have to face the most sickening, vile hate speech (from “Christians”) ever encountered on the Internet
*]solid refutations will be deleted

The State of Idaho has no legal teeth to deal with 1st Amendment violations, but you can sound off to the State University Legal Department, which I am going to do.

Here is a web site run by Catholics who currently post in CARM.

All are welcome. Bottom line:

Stay out of CARM.

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Sounds fun!

I’ve been on sites like those. All they are looking for is more people to agree with them. Debate is a danger to people like that. Their faith is so sickly that it can’t handle even the slightest upset.

I kind of want to join now; triumphguy is right, it does sound like fun!

It is not a violation of any right, as no one has the “right” to access any privately held property.

Visiting such ego-driven sites is uniformly a waste of time. They have fashioned a faith to their ego’s delight and, out of simple human nature, will attack anyone who questions their man-made doctrines. Shake the dust off your sandals as a testimony against them, and let the Lord judge. IMO, it is far better to stay here and defend your faith. There is nothing that you, I, or anyone on earth can say or do that will convince a hardened heart. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. Rather, let us pray for them.

Better you than me. :stuck_out_tongue: I like my blood pressure right where it is. :slight_smile:

Heavens! If such sites listened to reason, they would be Catholics.:smiley:

That’s right!

I’ve been kicked off better sites than that one:D

Sounds like fun at the OK Carral without the bullets and buckshot!!! :D:p:D

I went over there because I’d heard that I’d find it challenging to my faith. What a load of nonsense that was! - it’s a witches brew of insanely flawed reasoning and even more insanely strident name-calling. I ended up becoming more and more Catholic as time went by, and left because it was like returning to look at a horribly infected wound. It’s a tool of Satan.

CARM are a bunch of zelous, self richeous jerks, they have some presence on my college campus and try to lure kids in by playing ultimate frisbe on the soccer fields. i didn’t really know what was going on and before i knew it they had taken me to some ice cream shop and were talking about the bible with me.but i got free frozen yogurt!!!:thumbsup:

Amen. Let’ em stay in their echo chamber. If folks are really looking for answers instead of ways to vent their spleen, they know where to come.

I am certain that they have good intentions - yet, I recall that the military definition of good intentions is “friendly fire”

haha ive never heard that before, but thats great!

This is the most sensible response.

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