Why The Changing Habits?


Sorry for the way I’m writing this, my style is a bit awkward. I hope you can understand me.

I’ve heard that some orders have changed their habits to make them more elaborate and even have decided to go BACK to what they were like before Vatican 2.

Some orders change their habits completely.

Is this an uncommon thing to do, or is it just that it isn’t noticed by others or is it just smaller orders who want to do that?

Why would an order choose to do this?:confused:


Can you think of a community* other *than Mother Angelica’s Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration?

I can’t think of any. Many communities now appear to have both civvies and modified habits with the occasional older sister in the original habit, Benedictines, say. (I don’t know how they manage the myriads of tiny pleats in the face and neck covering, however). I suspect that more communities are giving a modified habit as an option. However, I have seen only one community, the PCPA Hanceville, actually revert.


It seems that Sisters are becoming a rarity in any form of dress. Our parish is large, the school is large, we have no nuns on either staff. As a matter of fact, our Priest said if you want more young men to become Priests, bring back the nuns!


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