Why the Church teachs that most people will be at Heaven?


How the catholic doctrine agrees with the passage at the Gospels that says “they are few those who find the path to salvation”?


Catholic doctrine, official Church teaching, is largely silent on how many or how few will be saved and enter Heaven. We can only gauge that by seeing the roster of saints canonized through the ages and weigh them against the likely numbers of saints who will never be formally canonized by the Church, but are in Heaven nonetheless.


I remember being taught that only Catholics will go to Heaven (this was when I started school, prior to Vatican II). While Vatican II opened Heaven up to believers of other monotheistic religions (like Protestants, Jews, Muslims and who knows what else), I am not aware of any church teaching on how many will actually get to Heaven. Could you give a reference to the specific Catholic teaching?


What is your source for your claim that the “Church teach[e]s that most people will be at Heaven?”


All I know is “Many know how to go there (the way is Jesus)”. But your quote sounds a bit universalist, I don’t know. you might have misunderstood, or quoted someone who is not entirely agreeing with the Church.


It is still Catholic teaching that there is “no salvation outside the Church”. However, God will still save those unaware of this but still seeking salvation.


I’m confused.

Your thread title states the Church says most people will go to Heaven but your post says the Church doctrine is that few people will be saved. Which is it??


He is actually asking the same question as you :slight_smile:


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