Why the decline in the Angelus?


I love the Angelus and remember fondly as a child in class, Sister Mary Ferdinand would stop class at 12 o’clock midday and we would recite the Angelus. She would have a small bell. The Angelus was also rung out from the chuch bells once too. What happened to this devotion?


They don’t do it in Catholic schools anymore?


I was in Catholic school for 14 years and I don’t think we ever prayed the Angelus. Of course, I never noted its absence but in hindsight my Catholic education could have been a lot more Catholic :frowning:


I too, attended Catholic (Parochical) School, in California U.S.A.,… from grade 1 to grade 7; 1966 to 1972-ish. But I have no memory of stopping class, to pray the Angelus. :frowning:

I would imagine that the decline in this pious tradition slowly ceased… as people began to get busier and busier with their daily affairs. It seems to be one more example of people pushing God aside, for other pursuits.

It is very sad. I think we should get back to it, too. :sad_yes:


We always did the Angelus/Regina Caeli along with morning/afternoon prayers, and it was in recent time too. Go to a Salesian school.


Listen everyone,

You miss the Angelus?

So did I.

My solution…I pray it everyday.

If it’s gone it’s our fault. Make it a point to pray the Angelus everyday and once you get used to it…Pray it at 6:00am; 12:00pm and 6:00 pm.

Spread the devotion and stop pinning away for the loss of this devotion.


I pretty sure that you are supposed to have a minimum of two people to perform the Angelus properly… and a bell. I’ve got a couple of suitable bells.

It just turned 12 midday so I recited the Angelus.



I’ve got an alarm set on my iPhone for noon. Then I typed into the Notepad the entire Angelus prayer. That way if I happen to be in the middle of the grocery store I can still participate. I know the prayer is short but I don’t have it memorized yet.


Actually, growing up and going to Catholic schools, I never heard of the Angelus. But my kids who are in Catholic school now, pray it every day before going to lunch. They ring the bells at the parish church too! :slight_smile: So at least in my own personal little world, the Angelus is increasing, not declining!

Our priest says that whenever he is asked how one should start a good prayer life, he tells them to start with little things and the first one he recommends is to say the Angelus at noon. I used to set my phone alarm too. :slight_smile: I’ve got the Angelus memorized now but never can remember all the words to the Regina Coeli for the Easter season.


I was in a Catholic primary (elementary) school 1979-1985. We always had the Angelus bells and prayer. In fact it was we schoolkids who would go over to the Cathedral and ring the bell at noon, since the school was attached to the Cathedral. Lots of fun, but as I recall, it never was done properly, since bell-ringing is quite difficult at the best of times.

Today, if any of the local churches has Mass at noon there’s always the Angelus/Regina Caeli beforehand, and I know our Cathedral, which has daily Mass at 5.30pm, always has the Angelus/Regina Caeli afterwards.

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