Why the Hate?

You Eastern Orthodox people have so much hate for Catholics! I just came from a Divine Liturgy and thought, wow I liked that, so much culture and tradition… Then the parishioners and priests started to make fun of me for being Catholic! saying that I will be in Hell?! That the Catholic Church killed many orthodox through the Nazis in WW2. That the Catholic Church is Nazi. That the fruits of my Church are pedophilia and inquisitions. Why the hate? I attended the Divine Liturgy to familiarize myself with another part of my faith, and now, since ALL THE PEOPLE THERE, the priest, parishioners all made fun of me with those statements… (The priest said most of it btw,)… I’m confused as to why the hate is so strong! Regardless, I love the Eastern Orthodox Faith and the Roman Catholic Faith. But as of right now, if they were hoping for a conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy, they ruined EVERY CHANCE, all I received was Hate, not charity, guidance, etc… HATE.

I suspect how hurt and shocked you feel. They do need to be sinless to cast stones like this and God knows whether that is so. There does seem to be uniformed prejudice amongst the people you encountered. Only other Orthodox people can tell you how far this harsh judgmental culture pervades Orthodox cultures. Hopefully it is an isolated instance, but may God touch their souls and minds to see all as He sees it.

I’m inclined to seriously doubt that all all Catholic Orthodox feel or think in the harsh, uninformed way that assailed you, but think it more likely that a culture of unChristian prejudice has grown up in that particular parish under the influence of their pastor, although your experience is evidence that such prejudices against Catholics and the Catholic Church exists amongst some Orthodox. It certainly undermines ones confidence in what some sliently believe even where they are not as overtly judgmental. It was extreme for the pastor to suggest that as a Roman Catholic that you merit hell.

I hope you can recover from the harsh and unChristian treatment you received.
Holding you in my prayers,
Kind wishes,

This is an Eastern Catholic forum… :confused:

I mean, I’m sorry that they made you feel bad, but why are you posting this here? There are very few Eastern Orthodox members on this message board, and they’re predictably not the types who would make fun of Catholics for being Catholic (why would they engage in a Catholic discussion board for so long if they hate you?), so your post is very strange in this context.

Sorry, I just came home really shocked and couldn’t really control the impulse to ask/ ask in this forum because I had a tunnel vision of a sort. Peace!

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