Why the Indult for the Tridentine Mass is often not allowed


It’s fascinating to read how some people are so very upset because the indult for the Tridentine Mass is not allowed in their respective (arch)dioceses by their (arch)bishops.

They type at length about “TLM parishes” – not “Catholics parishes” where the Tridentine Mass is celebrated. Some even believe there is already another rite within the Western Church – the “tlm rite.” Talk about divisiveness…and garbage!

I don’t know how many times someone have complained of a liturgical abuse and the proffered solution was to isolate oneself at a “traditional” Mass where abuses have never existed, do not exist and will never exist. Utter backwash.

I’m beginning to understand why some ordinaries do not allow the Tridentine Mass, and it likely makes a great deal of sense.

Maybe the indult should be done away with, while the Church actually does create a “tlm rite” in the Western Church. That way they could struggle (like many of the absolutely wonderful Eastern Catholic Churches unfortunately have to) without pulling down the Latin Rite and empowering “liberals” in the process…


Actually I’ve come to the conclusion that the Novus Ordo Mass will probably need to be suppressed and the Missal of Pius V back as the standard.

You complained about different rites. Well the Western Church has had different missals…i.e. the Benedictine Missal (very similiar to TLM) which can NEVER be suppressed. All benedictines have the right to say this mass.

When I visit other parishes in other diocese I can hardly recognize what is occurring from one mass to the next. Well who’s wrong? Me? nope. The liturgical experimentation with the NO is so extreme it’s not the same mass from one parish or diocese to the next.

The problem isn’t those that want the Mass due their birthright but the novelty that exists in the new one.

If you want to stop the complaints on the New Mass and those that seek refuge from abuses and non-catholic ideology in the local Catholic parish, then standardize the New Mass by following ancient practices and end the abuse.






I believe they are typing those specific words just to make their point clear. It’s not a matter of divisiveness.

There is a text out entitled Evolving Visions of the Priesthood by Hoge and Wenger.

Taken back in 2001, their survey, research, and analysis clearly substantiates a not so small rift in thinking between priests 46-65 and those 45 and under. In a nutshell: 46-65 have a more liberal mindset, whereas the 45 and under group have a vision that is very close to the Pre-Vatican II priesthood. This is not my opinion: it is the result of unbiased and clear research. (say compared to a survey by SSPX)

So, as the future of the Church lies in the hands of the youth, which JPII was so often quoted saying, we know the direction the Church is heading. It’s not going to happen in 5 years completely, but over a couple generations. So those in their 40’s probably won’t see the full extent of the change. Those under 40, God-willing, will.

Just pray fervently.




I agree, he is a troll, and he is possibly the banned poster Crusader, same mindset. I beg people who revere the traditional mass not to feed this troll.




I’m sorry, which poster is the troll?


Pariah Pirana is the troll.


The Novus Ordo and the Tridentine Mass are both valid. Let’s not start threads that bag on one or the other. There are plenty of other topics to discuss.

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