Why these Western University profs say it's time to merge [Ontario's] Catholic and public school systems


I admit, I find the ignorant anti-Catholic/anti-religion comments in the article quite entertaining. Maybe a reform of Ontario’s education system should include a lesson on what is constitutional in Canada and why Catholics are entitled to a publicly funded school system separate from the public one.

In any event, from what I’ve read, Catholic separate schools in Canada are pretty close to being as non-Catholic and secular as public ones so the incessant whining about ‘indoctrination’ (because secularists don’t ‘indoctrinate’, yeah, what world do they live in ) are baseless.

Frankly, most of those opposed to the idea of this arrangement just don’t want people to have their children avoid secularist indoctrination.


Secular education is Godless education. It is simply creating another secular P.C. religion and forcing everyone’s kids to attend it. It is authoritarian.

Merging the two school systems really means getting rid of the Catholic system and taking their resources. Let’s be honest about this,


A possible plus is that it could lead to Catholic private schools which might have the freedom to teach Catholicism. Less universal access though.


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