Why Trump’s supporters won’t care about Cohen and Manafort’s convictions

Strangely, this article was censored by Facebook

I’m not surprised that FAcebook censored it. Nor am I surprised at the content.

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Yup. Years of lip service got Trump nominated. The Dems forcing a candidate many didn’t want ushered in her loss. And raming through right wing wishlist items might keep him in there.

I disagree with a lot he does and feel he is going to cause a disaster. But darn it, he delivers more wishlist items then past few presidents. But in doing so he alienates those with whom he disagrees.

Why do you imagine the “wish list” is right wing?

Border control was completely mainstream until Obama.

Tax cuts with fewer loopholes is hardly ‘right wing’

Modest deregulation is hardly ‘right wing’. Remember that Trump mostly stopped Obama’s new regs, he really hasn’t turned back the clock on regulation pre-Obama.

My “wish list” included letting the Little Sisters off the hook, reinstating the Mexico City policy, reducing government money to Planned Parenthood, getting rid of the WOTUS reg, getting non-crazies nominated to the Supreme Court. If those things are “right wing”, then I guess that’s what I am. But I suspect most Americans would opt for those same things if presented with them.

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First, right wing wish list isn’t pejorative I this context. But you can’t deny that these are items right leaning personalities have promoted.

I do deny it. President Clinton strongly advocated for border security during his terms, as did Obama during his first term. Obama just didn’t ‘walk the talk’.

Heck, they both even promised to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

Yes, the move to the center. All presidents do it except this one.

But honestly border security it’s too ambiguous. We all wasn’t that, just the way to achieve it differs

Plenty of recorded speeches by Clinton insisting we needed to curtail illegal immigration and send them home, to protect US jobs. I’d say Obama moved left from his public center position.

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