Why Trump won’t cancel the Putin summit


I think we all need to talk about this. We could very well be watching treason taking place in plain sight. Putin ordered an attack on the United States and the POTUS is not only refusing to honor his oath of office and defend this nation, but is giving aid and comfort to an enemy.

12 Russian intel officers indicted for DNC hacking in Mueller investigation

I honestly think in a way “it is better to know your enemy than to not know them”. Doesn’t mean you are committing treason or getting close to them for anything unAmerican, just means if you know them you are likely able to best deal with them.


Even if your enemy is Osama Bin Laden? He is the only other world leader besides Putin who ordered a successful attack on the United States in the last 20 years.

If not, then how is Putin different?


Was just my own personal opinion. I am not a govt expert on foreign countries. I just think it’s best to know with whom you are dealing and where you stand. If Trump can find out “:what makes Putin tick” then maybe he can head him off before he does a major mess on our country.


What’s to figure out? Putin is the leader of a country with a mid-sized economy. Russia may have nuclear weapons, but they don’t have the wealth or power to launch a conventional military attack on western democracies. So instead, Putin is using his military resources to launch much cheaper cyber attacks and is succeeding because of the influence campaign that Donald Trump is abetting through his denials and accusations against American patriots.


I am SURE Mr. Trump is getting the best advice from the best people in our govt. on this issue who know a LOT more about it than I do.


Because it would be stupid for $500, Alex…


How about John McCain, do you think his advice means anything?


And your suggestion is?


I haven’t since he bolo’d the election against Obama. Did you think this advice from McCain was good?


I think most things John McCain has said are a bad idea. He always approaches everything from a position of military action. Interventionism, pre-conflict strikes, his goals are almost always some form of escalation. Fortunately, he never became president.


That says a lot about the both of you. I will keep it in mind when it comes to responding to your future comments if I choose to do so.


I’m with Obama and Clapper on this one. I don’t believe the Russian “interventions” did anything to affect the election.

But Russia does have the ability to influence what NoKo does or doesn’t do. I don’t know if that’s the purpose of this summit, but it might be.


I strongly prefer talking to warring. Hillary virtually declared war on Russia during the 2nd debate. I don’t want to go to war. I always had a problem with the US intervention in the Ukraine and in Georgia (the country). Further we had no business expanding NATO to Russia’s doorstep. People think somehow Putin won’t respond?

McCain is not a good person, never was. Tokyo Rose broadcasts during the Vietnam War, abandoning his first wife, was part of the Keating Five, supported every military intervention, supported the health care industry against the American people, supported open borders, etc. Against Putin? Sorry, not credible.


McCain’s actions speak for themselves. When we are talking we are not punching, shooting guns or dropping bombs. The preferred 1st step is diplomacy. Military action is a last ditch action of desperation in most cases. Let’s try to save not only American lives, but our allies and our enemies, as well by engaging others in a rhetoric to resolves things. A meeting between Russia and America should not be a chest bumping session, if we can avoid. We have two big egos in our respective leaders. Hopefully, the egos will be put aside for a few hours of rational discussion.


Luke 6_37-

Earlier, I asked what your suggestions were.


Is that what Obama and Clapper actually said. Or is this a “careless and unsystematic; excessively casual” paraphrase?


President Trump also met with the leader of North Korea and the President of China.
Last week he met with the Queen of England. That’s what presidents do. They meet with leaders. They keep communication open.


He meets world leaders and often treats them rudely. People in Britain noticed the way that Trump walked in front of Queen Elizabeth. He criticized his host British Prime Minister Theresa May in an interview that was published while she was rolling out the red carpet for him and dining with him at Blenheim Palace. He also praised her rival Boris Johnson. He’s doing such a good job of communicating that a recent poll found that 77% of the British public say they dislike him. He is doing a good job of damaging US relations with one of its closest allies.


Denounce Russia on the world stage and call for even tighter sanctions against them. At home, direct Congress and the states to make sure our elections, power grid and anything else that relies on computer systems are secure. Stop lying to the American public.

How’s that for a start?

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