Why? Two forms of life with free will?


Why did God create two forms of life with free will?

Could it be that humans are God’s idea for giving the angels (US) a second chance?

Do you think there are “other” forms of life with free will?



If you are asking why God created two species with intellect and will (angels and men), I would point out that some, e.g., Aquinas, hold that each angel is a separate species and that they are more different from one another than we can imagine.

God did not create men to give angels a second chance. Rather we fit into a hierarchy of creation in different ways:


The angels are pure spirits, men have spirit and matter, animals are matter with sensible souls, and plants are matter with vegetable souls.

God created men to have intellect and will so that we could know and love him. He created angels to know and love him as well. We’re just different types (species) of creatures. God is very creative! :smiley:

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