Why Visions Through Mary?


Why are all the approved apparitions and prophecies of history (Fatima, Lourdes, Guadeloupe, Akita, etc.) transmitted to humanity through Our Blessed Lady, rather than through the Word of God Himself?

During His earthly ministry, Jesus never called on His mother to relay His teachings to people, indeed she seems to have had a role of quiet humility, service and adoration, rather than a public ministry of prophecy.

Why does God always seem to speak to His church today through His mother rather than Himself as Christ (as was the case in Acts) or through one of His other saints, maybe someone like S. John the Baptist, S. Dominic or S. Paul who had a public ministry in their earthly lives?


God came to us through his mother. Why wouldn’t he still be doing it?


Your premise is incorrect. There are many approved apparitions/visions/prophecies that are not related to Our Lady.

For example:

St. Gertrude the Great received revelations and the Sacred Heart devotion from Jesus

St. Catherine of Siena (Doctor of the Church) received private revelations from Jesus.

St. Teresa of Avila (Doctor of the Church) received visions & ecstasies that were not related to Our Lady.

St. John Vianney has visions of Jesus and Mary, as well as demons

St. Faustina received visions and the Divine Mercy devotion from Jesus


One of the ways God has continued to work in human history since Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection is through visions. But you are mistaken if you think it is only Mary that has appeared in visions.

Two very well know visions that come to mind immediately were visions of Our Lord. He appeared to St. Margaret Mary (resulting in First Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus). He also appeared to St. Faustina (resulting in the Divine Mercy chaplet, novena, and even to one Sunday of the year (tomorrow) being set aside to especially honor God’s Divine Mercy. These visions have not only involved Church approval but have been incorporated into the Church calendar and prayer practices.

There have also been apparations that involved various saints. Often in conjunction with apparitions of Our Lord and/or Mary.



St Catherine of Siena, St Bridget of Sweden, St Margaret Mary Alacoque, St Faustina Kowalska, the Knock apparitions in Ireland, St Joan of Arc, St Padre Pio - all had apparitions or visions of Our Lord, St Joseph, St John, St Michael or other saints.

For that matter the last of the Fatima apparitions was also of St Joseph and the Infant Jesus. These visions had important messages too - the devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Divine Mercy were spread by means of messages directly from Christ himself. And St Joan of Arc’s military career which liberated France was prompted by visions from St Michael and others.


I get the impression that when He sends her, it’s because he’s too angry with us to do it Himself. She is usually indicating that He is not pleased and to please get our act together or else. I believe she is being our advocate here. Maybe we shouldn’t be so ungrateful.


Why does God always seem to speak to His church today through His mother rather than Himself as Christ (as was the case in Acts) or through one of His other saints, maybe someone like S. John the Baptist, S. Dominic or S. Paul who had a public ministry in their earthly lives?

The primary way God speaks to His church today is through the Pope and the magisterium. Private visions do not have the same weight. A Catholic does not even have to believe in any of the private revelations/visions which the Church has approved. “Approval” does not mean one has to believe in the apparition; it means the vision does not include anything contrary to the faith and can be beneficial to those who heed it.



Jesus and other saints have accompanied Mary at times.


It must be stated that everything Our Lady says through the various approved apparitions ULTIMATELY comes from God.


How do you know that?

Read the beginning of Luke’s Gospel again - the accounts of the angel announcing Jesus’ birth, her visit to Elizabeth, her hymn of the Magnificat, the visits to the Temple - where Simeon himself in the most public way indicates that she is singled out too.

Then tell me that Luke didn’t get this information by going directly to Mary herself, who probaby would have still been alive when his Gospel was written. She helped write the Gospels, bud. Can’t get much more involved in relaying Jesus’ teaching than that.

Read the Magnificat where she herself says ‘the almighty works marvels for me’ and ‘all generations will call me blessed’ and tell me she didn’t have a public role!


That’s a good point. Where did the writers of the Gospels get much of their information if not Mary?

Now that I think of it, I had never heard of any apparition where Mary was wearing anything but a long robe. Particularly not Fatima. It probably is a fabrication. Thanks. But, if Mary wouldn’t wear a short dress, then that puts me in a difficult position. Should I? Perhaps it isn’t modest enough. Yikes, I’ve got some contemplating to do.


Well, she is the Queen of the angels, the Queen of all saints, the Mother of our Lord. My goodness, why wouldn’t she be called now?

During His earthly ministry she ministered to Christ. Now, she does this for us. I ask you: aren’t we so lucky?:slight_smile:
Pax Christi,


We honor her by dressing modestly. Modestly isn’t always about the length of a skirt, but it can be about the length. If you happen to be beautiful, then be beautiful, but just not too sexy to look at. And not too wrapped up in how you look.
Pax Christi,


paragraph 1, because in those cases when Our Lady appeared to give a message directing people to look to her Son, she was appearing to very simple people, the poor and uneducated, with a simple childlike faith, or to actual children, appearing as a Mother or Lady, a comfortable familiar sight.

paragraph 2, yes at is first public miracle or sign, Jesus allowed his Mother to be the one to choose the time, place and method and to direct the people to her Son.


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