Why vote for Biden as Catholics?

What were Catholics who voted for pro abortion, pro planned parenthood, Biden thinking when they voted for him? Question is directed to you if you did or if you know about Catholics open about the fact that they voted for Biden and about their reasons. I’m sincerely curious. Even if one doesn’t agree with Trump, doesn’t share his ideas, his program or believe in him it’s a fact he did defund PP, opposed abortion and was the first president to attend March for Life. How can every other possible issue being more important than protecting life? How can you reconcile voting for pro abortion Biden with being Catholic? Gosh how can Biden himself being pro abortion and Catholic! I’m sorry if I used a harsh tone, but the fact that it was reported that Biden had half or more of the Catholic vote really made me sad. I hope you will share your ideas with me.
God bless you all.
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We already have a hundreds of posts and dozens of threads on this topic scattered throughout the forum.


Please try the search function. This has been discussed multiple times recently.


Here’s a few threads we’ve already had on this topic:


The pro-life movement deserves better.


Entire country deserves better than Trump


@anneramones if you find an answer that makes sense to you, please share it. You’re being referred to other threads, but so far I haven’t seen a good reason. Twenty years ago the reasons might have been sensible, but the party has slid a long way. This part of their platform is a major, major part. And it cannot be reconciled with belief in a god who knows and loves us personally.


I mean our economy was doing great, minorities had more jobs than ever, the suicide crisis and opioid crisis was being dealt with, pro life causes were actually making headway, peace was actually being solidified in the Middle East, and we became energy independent, but you think the most pro-murder candidate who actually said he would go after the Little Sisters or the Poor again would be a better choice?


Where? Not in my area.


I am not saying how I personally voted, as I do not talk about my votes outside my immediate family until decades have passed. You may assume whatever you like about my vote.

However, it is quite clear that many people, Catholic and non-Catholic, disliked Trump from the minute he won the last election, and would have voted for anyone running against him.

It is also clear that many people, Catholic and non-Catholic, objected to Trump’s policies, actions, and statements regarding COVID, immigration, health care, and other issues.

Pro-life simply is not the deciding issue for many Catholics. You can state that it should be all day long, or make all the statements you wish about CINOs, Dems all going to hell, etc and it’s not going to change all the minds of all the Catholics out there.

I hope this, along with the dozens of other threads we already had going over this and over this, answers your question.


Has there ever been a US Presidential election where almost everyone voting seemed to be casting a vote against the opposition candidate instead of for the candidate that they actually voted for.

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I plan to throw it in the Catholic Democrats’ faces when he starts doing all the indecent acts that Democrats do.

Did you throw it in the Catholic Republican’s faces when Trump did all the indecent acts that he did? Probably not.

Remember the plank in your eye?


I wish the Democrats would have thought about that :slight_smile:

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What were all the folks thinking when they voted for Trump to represent the republican party. There is absolutely nothing conservative about the guy, and nothing moral about his person.

Kind of cuts both ways. And yes this horse has been beat to death. Results are what they are and if you don’t like who the next President is going to be, there will be a chance to change it 4 years from now. Hopefully a decent candidate is put forth.


I really want to like this comment but I can’t. We ought not do that, even though it’s what is fair.

When you find the check written to the porn star from Biden we can begin to talk. Until then, well you know about the plank.


Actually can you PM me, I don’t think it will let me PM you first.

Lets see, talking in folks ear, possibly sniffing, or committing adultery and paying porn stars.

Hmm, don’t even have to check the catechism on that one.

Mocking the disabled…

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