Why was/is so much veracity given to the Old Testament prophets?

	Why was/is so much veracity given to the Old Testament prophets?

We base a lot of the reasonableness to believe things in the New Testament, like the coming of the Messiah, the life and purpose of the Virgin Mary, etc. on statements found in the prophecies of various Old Testament prophets. What exactly gave those prophets their authority, their believably? What were their credentials? Why did the people of that era, and today, so readily accept their ideas? Why today do we so often try to correlate their prophecies with later events found in the bible?

Today, we laugh at people who claim to predict the end of the world, the second coming of Christ and so on. How did these prophets differ from people today like the late Harold Camping and all his false prophecies?

The mistake Harold Camping made is to say that the world would end on an particular day. That made his predictions testable. A lot of prophecies from the Bible (but also prophecies from Mohammed) are actually very vague and can be interpreted in various ways.

Also, I think a lot of people today aren’t familiar with Old Testament prophecies. Most churches I know of study mainly the New Testament and look to Jesus’ words for guidance. They’re simply not concerned with Old Testament prophecies.

Uprightness of life. Accuracy of past testimony. Strength of oration, both natural and supernatural. Relevance of the message. Association with the right people. Acclaim by others prior to wider acceptance. The witness of their death. Success in conversion of others. Depth of knowledge of Scripture. Fulfilling previous prophecies in their lives or preaching.

Jesus referred to Moses and the prophets of the Old Testament.

“If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me.”

John 5:46 NIV

He began by saying to them, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Luke 4:21

See Luke 4:18 to 4:22. NIV


They also did extraordinary things like shooting fire from heaven. Todays false prophets can suggestive pseudo healing at best.

Be careful with NIV (if you mean the translation). It is a liberal Protestant translation. You will notice that various words do not occur that they may not offend people, and it also leaves out certain “hellfire verses.” If you quote from it, always compare it to other Bible translations (BibleHub is a great place to do this as it shows them all at once, but only one or two Catholic Bibles and only one Orthodox Bible).

Deliberate mistranslations in the NIV: isthatinthebible.wordpress.com/articles-and-resources/deliberate-mistranslation-in-the-new-international-version-niv/

Ultra-Fundamentalist Evangelical all-readers-go-to-Hell resource (I’m serious): jesus-is-savior.com/Bible/NIV/why.htm

Or literal healings that are false, like Jim Jones and Father Divine did (they both claimed to be God and all of these other odd claims, not just as prophets).

The prophet Elijah performed sixteen miracles (Hebrews 11:37, 1 Kings 18:16-46). There are also several miracles recorded in the Hebrew Bible; essentially, the prophets themselves do not need to perform them through the Spirit, but God will perform them in one way or another.

Moses and Aaron (though Moses’ are more notable) had a great many miracles in the Torah. There’s a list of ones in the Old Testament here: blueletterbible.org/study/parallel/paral12.cfm

Thats one reason I do not think any of these fake evangelical healers are really false prophets, all they can do is talk, they cant actually perform any supernatural acts in front of large crowds.

The bible says there will be many false prophets that CAN do supernatural things though, like shooting fire down from the sky, Im assuming we have just not seen any of these come onto the world scene yet, but with the internet and cell phones, when they do, their messages and acts will spread like wildfire!!

Think about it, if you saw with your own eyes, some guy literally calling fire down from the sky, you would probably believe him to be what he claims to be.

Just because some greedy smooth talker claims to be God or able to heal people does not necessarily make him a false prophet, in order to fool people, they would have to be able to do things that were very convincing, Ive yet to see any of them do anything besides talk.

I like this…:thumbsup:

Ascending, He distributed gifts among mankind, as was foretold; ask Him to make this happen among the people around you, or else it won’t.

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