Why was Jesus not redeemed?


I never realized this before, but while taking part in another discussion (about Jewish laws and customs in the time of Jesus), I realized something.

Although the NT mentions the circumcision of Jesus, it makes no mention of him going through the Biblically required Pidyon Ha’Ben ceremony, which is the redeeming of the firstborn male from the Kohain (priest).

If Jesus was in fact Mary’s firstborn, he would have had to be ransomed from the Kohain, as Biblically required. Yet the NT is silent on this, and it seems church tradition is too.

If as Christians claim, Jesus kept the Torah perfectly in order to fulfill it, why did his parents not have a Pidyon Ha’Ben?


If you read the New Testament again you will find that Jesus was presented in the Temple at Jerusalem and at that time the offering of two turtledoves was made. cf Luke, chapter 2



Yes, thank you! I forgot that section of the NT. I didn’t remember seeing it before.


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