Why was Mary chosen, specifically?


If Mary was preserved from sin by God, why couldn’t He do the same with other human beings? I know Mary is the Mother of God, but how did God select her? Did He just create Mary and she so happened to be “randomly” selected by God to be the Mother of Jesus? In other words, out of all the women He made, He so happened to pick her to be the Mother of the Messiah?


I don’t think we will ever know the mind of God. I think since God sees everything as present. He looked at all the women ever to be born and picked the most perfect one to be His mother and caused her to be free from original sin. Just my thoughts thru prayer.


I have read in the lost books of the Bible…
How an angel approached Anne ( Mary’s mother )
told her she’d become pregnant with child -
and to dedicate the child - to God.
Like the story of Hannah - but with Samuel.

Then the angel went to Joachim ( Mary’s dad )
told him - the same thing -
that his barren wife - would become pregnant -
Like the story of John the Baptist -
But Joachim - fully believed the angel.

You’ll have to track this all down yourself -
If - your that truly interested.


To ask why God chose Mary implies that it could’ve been any of a number of women but Mary was the best choice. I see it a little different.

Before the creation of the world God knew that He would need to create an individual to serve as that pure vessel through whom the Savior would come into the world. He foresaw the person He would create and knew all the gifts and special graces she’d need for that calling. When the time came He formed the Blessed Virgin in the womb of her mother, giving her all those gifts and graces. After she was born, He carefully crafted the events of each of her days to begin preparing her to fulfill the purpose for which He had created her. When the angel Gabriel is finally sent to Mary, Gabriel is simply calling her to the destiny and purpose that God had planned for her from all eternity. There was no one else that could have completed this mission because Mary was the one uniquely created and prepared for it. It had to be her.

And, by the way, the same is true for every individual. Paul says he was set apart in his mother’s womb for the mission of preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles. (Gal 1:15-16) Every person has a unique mission and God-given destiny. It’s just a matter of discovering it through prayer.


The Protoevangelium of James is probably what you have in mind.


That’s beautiful. :heart:


We all want a perfect world, in which everyone is healed and lives in peace. Strangely, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are hoping for that.

That is a worldly view, as I see it. If such were true, we would never see God; never be granted the Beatific Vision. Never see our Lord and Savior - even though we are parts of His Body.

No thanks! I’ll suffer for a little while and then plead for God’s mercy.

Our Lord specifically created Mary to be His mother. To answer your question, we will have to…

  1. Die in a state of grace.
  2. Ask Him.
  3. Until then, cherish the mystery of it all.


Super cool - it’s been years and years since I’ve read it !


Do you think, before you go about making things, that it’s normal to figure out what your prototype will be like?

You can make a thousand variants---- but you still have your “ideal” in your head.

If that’s true with us, how much more true is it with God?

When we normally think of prototypes, we think of Adam and Eve. They were the first ones. And they were ideal. Except they fell. And God knew they would fall, but he made them anyways.

Later, we had the New Adam (Jesus) and the New Eve (Mary). They weren’t the first ones on earth, chronologically speaking, but they were not only ideal, but they were perfect. They had no flaws. And we’re able to look to them to see what God’s ideals are— and to emulate them.

One of them was Jesus. He had a preexistence as the Second Person of the Trinity. Do you think he figured out what his Incarnation would be like, before it came time to Incarnate, or do you think he was sitting around in Heaven, and saw what was going on earth, and said, “Oh, shuckydarn, looks like I need to go down there and set those people straight. I thought they’d work it out themselves— but I guess that’s too much to expect.” :stuck_out_tongue: So if the Second Person of the Trinity most likely had his Incarnation figured out before the creation of the world, do you think he also took into account figuring out what sort of a mother he would like to be born to? Or do you think he just randomly decided to be born to a random person, and he’d just give the graces to whoever won the lottery? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone who listens to the readings at Christmas knows that there was a whole lot of forethought that went into Jesus’ lineage. Mary was one of the most critical parts of Jesus’ lineage— do you think God would have been careless about that part?


Perhaps she is the fruit of years, or generations of saintly lives. Which earned for St. Anne and St. Joachim the privilege of having Mary as their child.


Yes I believe there is a tradition that her ancestors lived saintly lives and were part of the Essenes.


"The Woman Whom even God dreamed of Before the world was made; " (Fulton J. Sheen)

From a reply on a recent thread, referencing an essay at https://archive.org/stream/TheWorldsFirstLove/sheenTheWorldsFirstLoveedited.txt


Wasn’t she of royal bloodline?


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