Why was the concil of trent in trent


I asked this question to my history teacher but he didnt know the answer also what did It say on selling indulgences.


Simply because that’s where they chose to have it.


It said that selling indulgences is bad and as a matter of prudence indulgences would no longer be given for donations (which isn’t the same thing).

It also affirmed the teaching of indulgences generally and their power and the Pope’s authority to grant them.


Do you have a link to a source my history teacher thinks that it said nothing about it and I want to give him evidence that it did


From my understanding, some wanted a national council in Germany, which the emperor and Rome opposed, and some an ecumenical council. Many Catholic princes proposed that the ecumenical Council be held in Germany, but Rome wanted it in an Italian city. Trent was kind of a compromise–an Italian city closer to Germany. It was kind of a central spot of the Holy Roman Empire at the time.


The Council was in northern Italy because it was a central location for Europeans, travel was very difficult because of various wars.

Find some basic information on the Council and indulgences at:



Whereas the power of conferring Indulgences was granted by Christ to the Church; and she has, even in the most ancient times, used the said power, delivered unto her of God; the sacred holy Synod teaches, and enjoins, that the use of Indulgences, for the Christian people most salutary, and approved of [Page 278] by the authority of sacred Councils, is to be retained in the Church; and It condemns with anathema those who either assert, that they are useless; or who deny that there is in the Church the power of granting them. In granting them, however, It desires that, in accordance with the ancient and approved custom in the Church, moderation be observed; lest, by excessive facility, ecclesastical discipline be enervated. And being desirous that the abuses which have crept therein, and by occasion of which this honourable name of Indulgences is blasphemed by heretics, be amended and corrected, It ordains generally by this decree, that all evil gains for the obtaining thereof,–whence a most prolific cause of abuses amongst the Christian people has been derived,–be wholly abolished. But as regards the other abuses which have proceeded from superstition, ignorance, irreverence, or from what soever other source, since, by reason of the manifold corruptions in the places and provinces where the said abuses are committed, they cannot conveniently be specially prohibited; It commands all bishops, diligently to collect, each in his own church, all abuses of this nature, and to report them in the first provincial Synod; that, after having been reviewed by the opinions of the other bishops also, they may forthwith be referred to the Sovereign Roman Pontiff, by whose authority and prudence that which may be expedient for the universal Church will be ordained; that this the gift of holy Indulgences may be dispensed to all the faithful, piously, holily, and incorruptly.



Sure. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

http://www.thecounciloftrent.com/ch25.htm (not sure I did the link right I’m on mobile right now)


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