Why was the Mass changed during Vatican II?

Where there thousands of people demanding changes or was it just a small group?:confused:

In effect, it really doesn’t matter. The bishops decided and the Pope promulgated it (which basically means he gave his stamp of approval).

The church doesn’t change itself just because people “demand” the change, regardless of how big or small the group is. The church makes its decisions through the holy spirit guiding the Pope and the bishops.

The first priest who I ever met (I’m a convert) stated once that the new Mass returns in some aspects to the Pre-Tridentine era. I was at one recent point very much a traditionalist in that the new Mass seemed inferior to the Tridentine. I have since learned to trust the Holy Mother Church. The new Mass helps those who are uneducated or who do not know Latin to better understand the theology of the Mass. The old Mass helps set an example of the respect that must occur in the new. Both, I think are needed to either exist together or to coalesce. I am blessed to be in a region with priests who, while do not celebrate the Tridentine rite, celebrate the Mass with profound respect and dignity. There was some criticism of the new Mass when it was first introduced, and some Traditionalists will try to use that support for their position. However: Roma locuta est - causa finita est; Rome has spoken, and that is enough for me.

The reform of the liturgy, or at least the call to reform, began long before Vatican II, in fact back in the 1800’s. Even back at Trent there was a call to celebrate Mass in the vernacular, but the Church was not ready to go in that direction at the time. Calls to reform the liturgy began with the Benedictines in Germany and there was a lot of experimentation, many of it allowed for the sake of seeing how it worked out. You can read up on the history of the reform before Vatican II and the initiatives that led up to the reforms of the Council. It just didn’t come out of thin air, but the Holy Spirit was at work for almost a century.

Thanks for the replys All of you have given me something to think about.

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