Why Was the McCarrick Abuse Hushed Up?



I think Fr. Longennecker makes many good points.


From Fr. Longennecker concerning the way the priesthood is currently set up . . .

. . . You give us everything. We look after you.

On the surface it sounds great.

But there is a profound, underlying problem. It breeds dependency and that dependency too often nurtures immaturity and stunted growth as a person. . . .

I think this is possibly insightful.

I have not thought of this.

I will be giving this aspect a lot of thought in the future though.

Thank you exnihilo for sharing this thought-provoking article.

I have read a couple of Fr. Longennecker’s books and have a lot of respect for him and his input.


That is the point that most stuck with me from the article, too. It’s definitely food for thought.


Here’s another great (but lengthy) article that does a good job of impartially laying out where we are at right now.


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