Why we can not see, who is born again and who is not born again?


I think , if the person is born again it is evident and visible .
Are there any other ideas ?


I’m getting nit picky here because I understand the spirit of what you are saying. But doesn’t the bible refer to being born again as being born of water(baptism) and spirit. Does it ever talk about being born again in a way that doesn’t refer to baptism?

You, though, are referring to the fact that the bible says that you can know a Christian by their fruits.

We have to be very compassionate when it comes to judging others though. People are often at different levels of spiritual growth. Only God can see into Christians hearts.


Ive been a born again christian for almost 11 years now. I would say that about6-7 years of that people would probably not have known because my fruits were very little. Now people can definitely tell by my fruit of the Spirit.

I talk different, I act different(well most times:o ) and I have much more confidence and security in my faith. You know what made the difference—drum roll please:cool:
I started to study the bible. I have learned so much in the last 4 years that is has changed me.:smiley: You know they say KNowledge is power.:smiley: I renew my mind almost everyday by reading the bible.:thumbsup:

We do all have different walks in our christian life, mine was slow on the uptake but Im where I need to be now. AMEN!!


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