Why we need pets


you know i was just thinking that why people need pets…which kind of feelings people develop that they need pets to fulfill that feeling…where i think so people need pets for status symbol.thats why they spend heavy amount for getting best race of pets…i am also a pet lover but i am not spending heavy amounts…i just buy portraits and paste them everywhere in my home here you can see me pets as well[pet portraits](http: fe.com/galleries/pet-portraits.asp)but hope that you people must answer this question that why people need pets


Adoption cost for dog $80 including shots and already fixed
Monthly supply of dog food for 100 lb dog $20
Yearly vet bill $40
Security FREE :thumbsup:
Companionship FREE :smiley:
Entertainment FREE :stuck_out_tongue:
Workout Partner FREE :wink:


My pets are my friends. None of them is a “quality” cat or dog. We got one from the local animal shelter and the other three by “accident.” I know someone who does buy an expensive breed of dog, but not for showing off, but because she loves the breed and can afford one.

That’s no different from someone loving a particular type of fancy car and being able to afford one. The motive doesn’t have to be vanity but merely preference. Besides, it’s a sin to judge another’s motives merely from appearances. I don’t think you are saying we should do that, nor that that is your motive for asking the question–just thought it should be mentioned. :slight_smile:

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Why “must” we answer your question? It doesn’t seem like it will matter if we do or don’t, as you’ve already made up your mind to think poorly of us and our motives. If you don’t feel the need to have a pet, then don’t. It’s not nice to come on here as a new poster and make unkind assumptions about people that you don’t even know.


I agree with JustAnotherThou and SeekerJen.

We have the abandoned mutt dog that we adopted for $90 from the no-kill shelter that rescued him from the county.

He’s a great playmate for the kids and DH, he alerts us to unexpected goings on around the house, and he’s a wonderful lesson in responsibility and caretaking for my kids. He’s very protective of my children as well.


I don’t think I understand what you’re asking, but I will give you my philosophy of pets.

I have three – two cats that I got when my sister moved to London seven years ago – and then a dog that I got from a rescue organization. Before this dog I did have a pure bred, AKC-registered poodle that I got because we’d always had poodles…

I will say that my dog and cats are my children. I’m single with no human kids. When I come home, if I did not have my animals, I would be extremely lonely. I have a full life of friends, family, church, and professional; but when you come into an empty, quite house, it can be very sad.

Just my two cents.


My pets for the last 18 or so years have been rats. Nothing fancy or expensive about those and they certainly aren’t a status symbol. But they’re smart, friendly and love to cuddle and play. I have had them because they are just fun to have around.

I’m ratless at the moment and trying to decide whether I’m going to get a couple more. The problem is that they don’t live very long (our longest-lived were with us a little more than 2.5 years) and it’s difficult to get someone to look after them if you just want to go away for a weekend.


Cats are fairly inexpensive at the pound - I think we got each of ours for $50. I’ve had one for nearly 17 years. Another for 6. And the little kitten for a few months.:smiley: I get a big bucket of cat food at Sam’s once a month for about $14.00. Same with kitty litter.
*]Entertainment, lap sitting, and cuddle value are priceless.http://planetsmilies.net/kaos-animal-cat-smiley-6111.gif[/LIST]We got a dog from a family for $50. Big bag of dog food from Sam’s once a month.
*]Walking partner, fetch partner, and intruder alert - priceless.[/LIST]We got a rabbit for free. Big bag of rabbit food from ag store - $4-$5. It lasts 3 months.
*]Value in this…questionable, but it does entertain our cats, so that is probably it![/LIST]Guinea pig -cost us $10. Eats our salad leftovers, oranges, and hay. http://www.vpsingles.com/pics/guineapig.gif
*]Happiest darn critter in the house! Full of chatter, antics, cuddles, and greets everyone each time we enter the room.[/LIST][LIST]
*]Only our dog and cats see the vet regularly. Not too expensive at all, considering all the benefits we reap in return![/LIST]None of ours are a specific breed. THe joy, cuddles, responsibility, warmth, and FUN these critters bring is priceless! Watching my son share his PBJ with the dog is funny, especially when this 90 pound beast delicately nibbles from my son’s fingers. http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/members/forum/images/smilies/dog/tongue2.gif Falling asleep while one of the cats warms my feet all curled up on them is comforting! Trying to read CAF when one cat is attempting to sit on my lap, another climbs on my shoulders and purrs loudly right in my ear, the third is batting at my toes, and dog is ready to pounce brings JOY!!http://planetsmilies.net/kaos-animal-cat-smiley-6199.gif

Try that with a portrait and see how far you get!:cool:


I don’t think we need pets, but they are wonderful companions. Perhaps some people use theirs as status symbols but I wouldn’t say that of most people.
My kitty is great company! She is sweet, comforting, and very cuddly. She offers all her love, cuddles and purrs in exchange for a little food, water and a soft place to nap (usually on top of me!). She is a fantastic nap partner. And she eats all the spiders for me :smiley:
My elderly Nana is nearly blind and lives alone and her two poodles keep her company, keep her active, guard her house and look out for her.
I think pets are wonderful and I know that my home would feel very empty without mine!


We have dogs to make us feel like gods when we are down; and cats to put us back in our place when we start to believe the dog. :smiley:


Pets are a gift from God. They provide companionship and unconditional love. Dogs provide security and protection, and I have had only one mouse in the house in the last 15 years thanks to my cats. The OP’s pet photos will do none of the above. My cats are not “status” animals; they are plain “barn cat” types. I have never bought a cat; I have taken in strays and adopted from the animal shelter. My kitties cost me a bit in food, cat litter, supplies, and vet bills, but the entertainment and companionship they provide is more than worth the cost. I don’t “need” them, but my life is much richer for having these most fascinating creatures in my home.


When I moved to Korea, the previous tenant in my furnished apartment told me apologetically, “The apartment comes with a cat - I can’t get her out from under the bed.”

This cat has been the perfect companion for me in a foreign country. She sleeps on my bed next to me at night. When I hear suspicious noises, I don’t worry if she doesn’t react. She greets me when I get home from work everyday. She sits next to me when I’m reading or working on the computer. She wakes me up if I hit the snooze button too much on the alarm clock. In short, she’s the next best thing to having my family around.


just wondering - do you think God wants us to focus so much on pets?


Do you think God wants us to think the worst of others?


(not sure if this was addressed to me or if Buffalo was wondering… the downside of having my username!)

I don’t think anyone who has posted here focuses too much on pets. People have a natural need and desire for companionship, love, and social interaction. I’m not saying that pets should replace social interaction, but when you’re feeling isolated and lonely, a loving creature that doesn’t judge you can be exactly the companion you need.

I know several women who jump from relationship to relationship looking for affection in all the wrong places. Some of them get pregnant out of wedlock so they’ll have “someone to love them.” That is disordered.

For me, I have a lot of supportive friends, and I have a boyfriend whom I love and hope to marry someday. I have plenty of social relationships. However, it doesn’t prevent me from being lonely when I get home to my dark and empty apartment. Since living with my family is not an option (they’re about 10,000 km away) I think having a pet is a reasonable option.


St. Julian of Norwich reportedly had a much-beloved cat, as did the Irish Benedictine monk who wrote “Pangur Ban.” www.fisheaters.com/pangurban.html

If pet-loving is good enough for the likes of those, it’s good enough for me! :thumbsup: The only time I can see it being a problem is if it gets excessive, such as in the case of those mentally-ill people who hoard cats by the hundreds, or when it is out of balance with loving our fellow human beings.


And let’s not forget that Pope Benedict loves cats himself!:wink:




When a German journalist put the issue to the then Cardinal Ratzinger in 2002, he received a surprising answer. The Pontiff-to-be called the issue “very serious,” detailing his theological belief that animals are God’s creatures, deserving of merciful treatment by man.


Yes!! Cuz if He did not, then he would not have created them so darn CUTE and LOVEABLE, with crazy antics and cuddly personalities!!:smiley:

I think St. Francis would agree!:thumbsup:

If God did not want us to focus on them so much, he would have made kittens to look like cockroaches and puppies to look like sow bugs. :eek: Then we wouldn’t love them so much!

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