Why We Saved Sex for Marriage, A Couple's Account

This couple explains that they are better off, and that it is right.
see thepathlesstaken7.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/why-we-saved-sex-for-marriage-part-one.html

That is awesome! I can speak for myself that I wish I were still a virgin. Having never been married, I could kick myself for losing my virginity at 18 to a girl that I cared absolutely nothing about, and I even hate to think that but it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, my father NEVER took the time to speak to me in my formative years about proper sexual relations or anything even relating to such so how did I discover sex? Basically through the stories of “friends” and pornography which unfortunately led to some bad habits, some I’m still dealing with over 20 years later.

God bless this couple! It would be so awesome if more young people in today’s generation took this same stand.

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