Why were indulgences sold and how can this be ok?


1 Cor. 13:13
"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Somebody better set Paul straight quick!

And I’m sure you only forgot to include the documentation to support your claim of papal command or consent to the sale of indulgences, right?


Well sure I can, but really is it necessary think about it… Tetzels monies go toward building the basillica…Tetzel promises remission of sin…The Papacy would have burnt anyone making such a promise without their okay…Only they can remit sins according to Roman theology, right?

But if you insist i’ll dig it up in my books tonight.


Every priest has the power to forgive sins. Good luck with your research.


Yes they do according to your doctrines , and how is that?


Because our doctrines come from Christ.

Our priests mirror Christ’s own ministry, of which the sacrament of penance and reconciliation was a part.

Christ imparted binding and loosing authority to the apostles, who through apostolic succession imparted it to our priests.

Those who through schism broke the millennia long chain of apostolic succession quickly “discovered” that it was no longer needed and did away with those sacraments which required it.


You’re kidding, right?


Kaycee, you are soooooo close to finally understanding the truth, so close.

Salvation is based on God’s grace alone and our response to this grace is a faith working in love.

I think I see the problem why you seem to be missing the mark by that much.

When you quote scripture, you are using verses that sound very convincing by themselves, but when taken in context with the whole chapter, or the whole book, they are not saying what you lead other Christians to believe.

Have you ever tried to read a whole book of the bible at one setting before, I find that helps me.
I find that reading the bible one verse at a time, can lead me astray.

I have the bible on CD and will listen to a book up to 5 times in one sitting trying to under the context of the whole book.


This has drifted off topic. There are other threads dealing with forgiveness of sins.


I see that there is confusion on the part of our non-Catholic friends here, I am not sure if our non-Catholic friends are purposely trying to distort the teachings of the Catholic church, or maybe they have read a book that distorts the teachings of the Catholic church and believe that is what the Catholic church teaches.
So anyway, here are a few links on Indulgences from a Catholic source trying to show what the Catholic church actually teaches.

Maybe this will clear up what indulgences are and are not.
Then the discussion on why the abuse of selling them was not ok will make more sense to everyone.

Primer on Indulgences

Myths about Indulgences

What’s Wrong with a Little Indulgence?


Note also the hypocrisy of those who maintain the Old Testament practice of mandatory tithing while condemning the Catholic practice of indulgences, which now doesn’t even involve a charitable financial transaction whatsoever. It is easy to condemn an ancient Catholic practice while ignoring a current Protestant practice, I suppose.

Add in the “prosperity gospel” whereby contributions to the pastor are rewarded by promises of financial “blessings” and I wonder where the Protestant Luther is today who will stand up and condemn such things?

In the meantime, Christians may visit St Peter’s Basilica, the product of “evil” Tetzel’s charitable aims.

I doubt Kenneth Copeland will let us stay in his mansion, however.


If the Pope did not approve w/the sale of indulgences, then why did he/the Magisterium condemn Luther for his 95 thesis against the sale of indulgences. The would’ve welcomed him as helping maintain orthodoxy if they were against it.


Have you read the 95 theses? There’s a lot more there than the sale of indulgences. Luther was trashing the entire system, not just the abuses.


Yes, I’ve read it. I don’t remember everything but the Pope would’ve at least acknowledged his valid points if he agreed on them.


Christ told the rich young man to give it all up … if he desired to please Christ and become disciple.

Clearly the early Church believed this too … as they sold their goods/property, etc … and contributed all to the commonly held Church coffers.

Its all in one’s motive. Trying to ‘buy’ ones way to salvation w/o becoming a disciple is not the teaching of Christ. But, once a disciple, the Church should rightly expect one to share their wealth with those in need — since Faith w/o works is dead.


“As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs.” - Johann Tetzel



And of course nobody considers the option that Tetzel abused the system?

The concept of buying indulgences was never sanctioned by the Church. There was a time when a charitable donation was considered a meritous act worthy of an indulgence. Because of abuses, this was removed as an option. That does not mean that the right intent was itself corrupt.


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