Why weren't Bonnie and Clyde given a option to surrender before they were shot?

Because i seen that Bonnie and Clyde film and stuff in it like how the police shot them,before letting them surrender would be viewed as overuse of force and such,especially with the whole things about police brutality in the news recently.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were cold-blooded killers. Would you shout to them and give them the first shot at killing you too? Their actions and their words made it clear that they would not be taken without incident - without force.

As to recently, police brutality has been defined down to mere presence, a glance, even overcoming unlawful resistance. There is a well-funded subversive agenda, funded at least in part by G*e Ss to destabilize the US. It is going more slowly than anticipated, but is a clear and present danger to society.


Nowadays? Probably (though some police clearly still have an issue with overuse of lethal force).

Then? Bonnie and Clyde had killed a whole lot of people, and those who knew Clyde reported that he, at least, was planning to die rather than surrender. It still would have been preferable to disable the vehicle and shoot them after they made a wrong move, I agree, but there seems to have been more tolerance for ambush tactics in those days, at least when dealing with “public enemies” like those two or John Dillinger.

I would further note that the 1967 film was not historically accurate. It left out many other murders and crimes by Bonnie and Clyde and fictionalized law officer Frank Hamer to look so bad his family sued for defamation.


There was almost no way of disabling a vehicle back then. The agents were poorly armed and poorly trained. There was no radio communication. The FBI had only recently begun carrying guns! Their guns were all different styles and calibers - no uniformity. It was primitive. The gangsters had all the advantages, including faster stolen cars.

We cannot judge any historic human action by 21st century standards.


Bonnie and Clyde were regarded as heroes against the machine. That can make the machine more than a little irked.

Yes a film. Fictionalised. Not real.

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Did the family win?

I don’t think any of Bonnie and Clyde’s murder victims were given an option.


St. Thomas Aquinas regarded as an act of mercy that a murderer would be given a chance to repent and receive the sacraments before execution, especially because the murderer’s victim did not get that chance.

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Why weren’t Bonnie and Clyde given a option to surrender before they were shot?
Because the justice system worked differently then.

They had many opportunities to surrender. They could have done it multiple times. They could have done it the day they were shot, perhaps, if their hands had shot up, and not down toward their guns. They were so adept with firearms, even getting off one shot would have been one too many.

Plot of course.

At least 13 according to most reports. 9 of which were police officers.

Frank Hamer’s family received an out-of-court settlement.

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Yeah, when you’ve killed 9 law enforcement officers, the police are going to presume you will kill them if they don’t kill you first. And quite reasonably so.


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