Why weren't the Jews told to spread the news of God?

So people discussing how a flag can be misused, which is essentially what the last two links are doing, suggest a plethora of cases of people being told to take down St. George flags? Not really very convincing. Do you yourself live in the UK? If so you’ll know why when used in certain contexts the St. George’s flag could be perceived as racist although it certainly is not but its misuse by football hooligans, BNP and NF over the years has given it a bad aura. It should be reclaimed at this point yes but I don’t see any sign of people being told in droves to take it down.

The first article is pretty much tempest in a teapot stuff. The Metro is a free paper people pick up on buses, it tends to exaggerate stuff like that in lieu of real news as it fills up the rest of its pages with adverts.

Midrash Sifri, Deuteronomy 343

Will look him up in a bit, but just out of curiosity, does the patriotism he is referring to entail claiming that British people of non-English ancestry (British Indians, British Muslims, etc…) are not British?

Oh how suspicious you are Salibi. And unfortunately correct, what Kehinde Andrews is talking about is exactly that sort of outlook.

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I haven’t searched him yet (forgot to), but I thought as much.

You’ve set up a bit of a straw man argument there @JharekCarnelian. You’t asked me to prove a point I didn’t make.

Where did I state there was a plethora of cases of people being told to take flags down? I didn’t. I said that people get accused of racism for having them.

Also, I really don’t see the point in providing you with links if you’re just going to make up reasons to dismiss them.

The Metro isn’t known for exaggerating stories. I have never heard this opinion about it. I’ve heard that said about The Sun, or the Daily Mail, but never the Metro.

The 2nd article states that 24 percent of people ‘say they consider their flag to be racist’. Whatever the reason they may have for that, that’s insane that they think the flag itself is racist. In another article, linked to in that article, it states that England is the least patriotic country in Europe, with ‘political correctness and a fear of appearing racist’ considered to be the main factors in that. I suppose now you’ll tell me The Telegraph can’t be trusted either.

By the way I found those 3 links in the space of a few minutes before bed. I’m sure if you do a bit more research, you’ll find better examples.

Incorrect. I’ve watched and read a lot of what he has to say in videos, in written pieces and on his social media timeline. His views go far beyond what you claim, and he seems to be particularly obsessed with race and white people. In fact, I would even go as far as to say his views are quite racist at times.

Anyway, I think we are veering quite a bit off topic here.

God used His chosen people to ultimately reveal Himself fully to the world when the time was ripe, literally giving birth through them to the Messiah.

But the whole “gestation” process would involve man’s first falling into darkness and ignorance and exiled into a brave new world free from God’s direct control in the moral sphere, with God nevertheless immediately beginning to work with man, eventually educating and cultivating a certain people through which He may introduce His light so that man might ultimately come into that light and out of darkness.

It’s a process, both within human history and then within our own individual histories, as the time is ripe (Gal 4:4).

Why weren’t the Jews told to spread the news of God?

Jews were told and did…

Jewish Jesus Preached to Jews who (some of them) did.

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