Why won't the nightmare dream of communism die?


Some bad ideas just keep on going. Why? I found the linked article pretty straightforward in its assessment.


“Above all else, the history of Communism is a history of mass-scale horrors: the terror-famine in Ukraine, Stalin’s show trials and gulags, the mass starvation of China’s Great Leap Forward, followed by the anarchic terror of the Cultural Revolution, the Killing Fields of Cambodia—those are just the low points in a list that can go on and on. It is estimated that in the past 100 years, Communist regimes killed as many as 100 million people.”

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“In the strictly scientific sense, the Communist “experiment” didn’t fail. It produced a clear result. It took basic ideas about morality and politics and tested what happens when they are implemented with ruthless consistency. It tested them in one country after another, in different cultures and under different conditions, and it produced the same result every time.”

Why won’t the nightmare dream of communism die?


“If all men were angels, Communisim would have taken over the world” -Anonymous

The system assumes the total goodness of humanity



Speaking of!


Because supporters will say " it wasn’t implemented properly"

Yes, I actually read the in an Internet forum


that’s the most common excuse


that’s incredibly disturbing…

  1. It’s being taught with indifference if not postiively in schools. Yet, people will still vote to raise their property taxes to support these schools or give money because of football and basketball.

  2. Prior to that, it’s never really been taught in schools in North America. Jordan B. Peterson discusses that extensively. We learn about WWII and how bad Hitler was because we never fought a hot war with Russia, China ect. Only one we fought was in Vietnam, and even that is not taught in the context of communism.

Fact is communism killed more people than Hitler.

  1. Today anyone on youtube, which is gradually replacing the dinosaur media and cable news, who is Bernie and to the right is getting censored. Twitter will probably start doing the same thing, and they are beta testing different things.


This is disturbing


Why won’t communism just die? Well hell, that’s kind of hard to do when most millenials in our own U.S. of A have a longing for it. Consider this. Many millenials view Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Kim Jong Un among others as “heroes.” And a majority would prefer to live in a socialist country over a capitalist one. Sounds like instead of dying, it’s rather thriving…at least to millenials.



As long as man has pride he will try and out-God God. Don’t hold your breath. Communism is low hanging fruit for the builders of the Kingdom of God - make that Man - on earth.


The Golden Rule is very appealing
Communism is implementing the rule without God, ignoring the need for personal accountability and spiritual growth.


Socialism, and more so Communism, are a manifestation of false charity. False because the “charity” is forced. True charity is given voluntarily. This illusion of charity is what is so appealing to young people. It’s up to the wiser adults who have lived through the 20th Century, and it’s many Communist regimes, to teach them why it’s wrong to take away a people’s free will and their right to a "government of the people, by the people, for the people…”.


So what happened to the Korean War, and the thousands of Chinese troops we fought there?


Good catch. I mean directly. Several thousand foreign fighters from other communist nations also died in Vietnam.


As an answer to the thread title/question;
Because it has its merits. Which usually explains why anything that persists does so.

It contains a lot of truth. It’s just not a complete truth. Which is why the complete ideology of communism has never fully and temporily manifested in the history of this planet.


Oh yes, which is why it needs massive state intervention just like failed liberal ideas.


People are incapable of looking at reality, and instead, they lust over ideals.


It has mental appeal, but zero merits.

It’s an idea that doesn’t work, because it ignores how humans think and operate. Thus it has NO TRUTH.

Loving your neighbor is an individual growth challenge, can’t be imposed by Govt.
Humans must mature past greed towards mutual support.


I think rather that if all men were angels then communism would never have been. Communism relies on the combination of an evil will to power by the few and the desire to escape freedom by the many. And, but a little prompting from “the father of lies from the beginning.”


I hear ya.

On the flip side, most Americans don’t support a system where the disadvantaged only receive assistance if someone else just so happens to feel charitable at the time.

Ergo, we’ve created assistance programs that receive routine public funding.

Again, most Americans are completely on board with it. I think even most Catholics are.

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