Why won't the nightmare dream of communism die?


But the US is now draining its coffers to support a severely bloated and inefficient Social Security system… there has to be a balance between the Church + private citizens and the State


Communism was not about charity. It was about using the entire wealth at common use of a community. Its system is far more devoided of sentiments as it may seem.
It was also about changing humanity through its ideas. The “new man” is a term vastly used in communism.
It is a game of ideas that is why it never dies. And its followers always want to inseminate it again in a new way. Communism also promised material well being, progress of science, and its aparition does coincide with the breakthrough of new technologies in the 20th century. Its mystique might never die.
All we can do is fight to present the people the way in which it was applied and its prisons. And hope they might get shocked eventually.
Stalin did not invent communism. Attaching his figure as the one responsible for all atrocities is what Beria has done to save the face of the doctrine itself. So it’s detrimental to anyone opposing it. I think forget Stalin - let’s start with Lenin. Stalin is details, we have to prove that, au contraire, he was not a dictator in himself just promoting the ideas of Comintern. Dark figures of some people do not help in destroying an entire system of ideas.


From the linked article:

“That leads us to another big lesson of Communism: without individualism, there is no basis for individual rights or any other guarantee of human dignity. The big mistake people make about Communism is to think that it’s just about collectivizing property. It’s actually about collectivizing people. Communist countries impose oppressive systems of censorship and interfere deeply with the personal lives of their subjects precisely because they take seriously this idea of the subordination of the individual to the collective good. They apply it to everything, including the very thoughts in your head, which they also treat as public property.”


The immoral and anti-Catholic premise of Communism is that the person exists to support the state; Catholicism believes the state exists to support the person.


It’s pretty disturbing that many CAFers seem to equate countries like Norway with Stalinist Russia. It’s not only intellectually dishonest, but also insulting.


I think that Ven. Bishop Fulton Sheen had some wise words to say about communism, Karl Marx and the like. You can view him on Youtube as there are a few different videos to choose from.



The Book of Genesis tells how satan first tempted man with the idea, “You will be like god(s).” The “errors of Russia”, as our Lady called it, including Socialism, Communism and Marxism, in effect make the government (man) god. Socialism gets the people under control as a collective so Communism can take over to rule, and Marxism takes over as the philosophy. As Mao called it the “mandate of heaven” that the government rules as a god. But, the Bible says that governments are to punish evil-doers. Rebellion against God includes replacing God with man.


Huh? Where in my post did I equate Norway with Stalinist Russia?


You seemed very concerned with millennials desiring a democratic semi-socialist system as found in counties like Norway within the context of a thread decrying Marxist communism.


Did you read any of the articles? You seem to have missed the part of their hero worship of dictators such as Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Kim Jong Un. Umm… correct me if I’m wrong, but these chaps are more than mere democratic semi-socialists. These animals are among some of the biggest mass murderers in world history. Why you’re offended by this fact escapes me…unless you’re one of said millennials.


I certainly don’t honour Mao, Stalin, or Lenin et al… my apologies if I misinterpreted your intent. I am a bit sensitive on the world news board because of some of the accusations I’ve encountered in the past against societies like my own (Canada) and the “evils” of gun control, universal health care…and most recently and more bizarrely, public transit.


In our system the focus in more on equal opportunity than making a classless society.

While the opportunity will never be equal, we do well in providing opportunity to the motivated.


Just an FYI the USSR provided pilots for air strikes in Korea too.
I had heard rumors of Soviet, Chinese, and even Cubans being with the NVA, but I heard lots of rumors about all kinds of things there too. I do believe it to be true though.


With respect to this topic, I just came across this recent article:

Vatican II’s Unpublished Condemnations of Communism


Lol, this is what literally all modern political systems try to do.

Literally 100% of them.

When ideologues front as intellectuals… If you can’t see the real appeal of a political system then you’re not sufficiently educated enough to discuss it. That’s a direct line from my poly-sci professor from university all those years ago. RIP Dr. Phil.

I know that’s harsh, but it’s the naked truth.


You’re both right. 'Nam was an authentic proxy war between the soviet east and capitalistic west.


What you obviously missed is that we are far from classless, and we don’t pretend otherwise.

You can be Jobs, Gates, or even Buffet and get incredibly wealthy in your life time, from your own work, not Govt connections are largess. Socialist and Communist countries greatly impede the path of people breaking from the pack.


Eek. :grimacing:

Buffet is probably the single man most responsible for food-stamps covering all those unhealthy, sugary drinks. The SNAP program, indirectly, is Coke’s greatest customer.

For Jobs and Gates, their industries were BORN with government money. For decades computers were almost exclusively owned by public institutions or very wealthy companies. It wasn’t until the mid-to-late 90s that “the common man” could begin to readily afford them. And I lay that mostly at the feet of Michael Dell.


And in doing so they also impede innovation and growth. Startup companies can create billionaires which is ‘unequal’ but in the process whole new industries are created which benefit the whole society.


One frustration a lot of people have is that you can be Jobs, Gates, or Buffet, but it does require a certain amount of initial support from somewhere. I certainly know people where the idea of, say, just sitting down and messing around with a computer as a kid was unthinkable. How would your family manage to get something like that? And anyway, if you have time to just mess around like that, why aren’t you out getting a job so your siblings can have shoes that fit?

Right now, the path to success for people who don’t have family to support them in starting all that hard work involves taking out lots and lots and lots of loans. There are exceptions, of course - there always will be. But there are also a lot of people working long hours just to make ends meet, and people who are wondering if the next cut will be the service that helps them do that.

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