Why would anyone oppose this?

Someone has told me that Bp. Bruskewitz does not allow girls to be altar servers. And supposedly has more vocations than any other diocese in the US. If this is true, it would seem to prove the link between boys being exposed to service at the altar and them realizing a vocation to the priesthood. Other priests have said the same. Yet many (most?) in this country would oppose their diocese doing the same. Why? I mean it’s one thing to wish your little girl could serve on the altar but quite another to do so at the expense of vocations – especially at a time when vocations are so desperately needed!

So, I guess I’m confused about why most want girls to be able to serve as altar servers when the link between altar boys and priestly vocations is so evidenced. It seems people care more about their own desires/agenda than about vocations to the priesthood.

That’s our fallen human nature, that we seek our own desires and promote our own agendas despite what is really good for us. I think an argument could be made that it’s actually unfair and unkind to allow or encourage girl children to serve at the altar because it may engender a desire in them to enter the priesthood. That matter was definitively dealt with by the Pope.

I’ve long believed that it should be gradually phased out, ie, no new girls trained, AND that we would see a marked increase in vocations if fathers and sons served together at the altars.

I’ve noticed my parish for at least 2 months not having girl servers. I’m thinking it might be our pastor knows some what about the TLM coming in July as the 2 priest will have also sings more in the Masses. In the last 2 years, I can count on 1 hand the times we’ve had boy servers and even then they were sloppy & acted bored where the girls were always neat & put their hearts into it. So in these last 2 months adult men were serving at the altar. I sure hope things straight up when the TLM comes.:shrug:

Your parish has plans to say TLM if the MP forces the bishop to allow it? I don’t care for TLM myself (can’t get past the Latin) but very much want it available for all who desire it.

Well, as a daddy of 5 girls I would prefer they being what they are…teachers and moms…what greater influence on pushing the Word then being a stay at home mom and then becoming a teacher! The two religious orders at my school dried up after they changed their habits from one of simplicity and imitation of their founders to one of contemporary sexuality (of sorts,certainly not modest) they also became just a sounding board for the demoncrat party,ie soup kitchens over salvation…Now a few are still alive in their one remaining convent…all over 70 years old…I visit them but its soooooo sad…they still wont admit they were seduced by satan…sigh…

If a bishop is loyal to the Pope and the authority of the papacy–then he will allow the TLM without being “forced”. Those who are not — will come up with every imaginable excuse not to have the TLM.

You are exactly right. My mom was a postulant in an order of nuns whose Motherhouse is right here in my home town. While she was there (early 60’s) they were faithful. They later became liberal / radical feminist / unfaithful… and the Holy Spirit dried-up their vocations, too. The faithful orders (ex: Mother Angelica, Nashville Dominican nuns, Fr. Groeschel’s monks) have vocations…

My Bishop will not have to be forced, he will allow the TLM in every parish! And yes I want and desire the TLM!:thumbsup:

I have no doubt our Bishop will allow TLMass & I have reason to believe he is even looking forward to it! :thumbsup:
However, after reading about the release of the MP on July 7, it seems to me it will not be replacing the NO Mass but will coexist with it.:frowning:

So why is he waiting for the MP then? He already could allow TLM in every parish if he wished.

I don’t think that one can say that it proves anything in particular. Vocations come form may sources. Given the fact that most high school seminaries are now closed, and that most vocations are now later in life - generally post college, it is difficult to tie something that was done in late grade school and perhaps into high school with something occuring 6, 8, 10 or more years later.

The greatest source of vocations and the greatest block to vocations is how the family perceives them. If the family is strongly Catholic and perceives priesthood as a positive, vocations will come; if the family is not strongly Catholic, and particularly if they do not perceive vocations is important or acceptible choices in life, vocations will be at best delayed.

I do not suggest that serving at the altar has no impact; we have one young woman who has taken vows in a very solid missionary order who served, and I suspect that after she got over her rebellious period, the serving from before the teen/college rebellion had some impact on her. So go figure.

But given how society in general, and how even faithful Catholics react to the celibate priesthood, I seriously doubt that if the pope tomorrow declared that only boys could serve, that we would see an influx of vocations in 10 years, or in 15; a whole lot else would have to change.

He was ordained a Bishop about a year ago and is allowing it on main (Oahu) island for 1 parish as it was not requested by all other parishes. I am worried there may not be at least 30 faithful request it, if that is required because I don’t think there are that many in my parish.:shrug:

if you end up not being a Priest because you didn’t get to be an altar boy as often as you’d like… you really didn’t have a calling in the first place.

If a boy has a calling to the Priesthood, the Holy Spirit will get him where he needs to be.

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