Why Would God Create Humans Before There Was Any Hope Of Salvation?


This really gets to me sometimes… Maybe it’s because I don’t understand.

But why would God create human’s before there was any chance of salvation. Before Jesus died for our sins there was no other way into heaven. So why would God create these people if he knew that there was no hope for heaven, but only for hell. I read somewhere that there were some people who were only temporarily in hell, and would enter heaven when Jesus died. But what about the rest?

Another thing that I don’t understand. God is the almighty, but why did Jesus have to die for our sins for them to be forgiven. Why did Jesus have to go through what he did, and why can’t God just forgive sins without Jesus dying?


I don’t beleive God created humans without hope of salvation. He accepted the sacrifices of the priests for forgiveness of sins.

Look at the biblical story of the beggar Lazerous that Jesus told. Lazerous died and went to heaven and he could look across the great chasim into hell happened before Jesus died on the cross.

The old testament also has several stories of people going to heaven.


Why did Jesus have to die? By dying for us, He showed us the most perfect way of loving one another. God had already tried commanding us, but that didn’t work too well, now did it? So instead, He’s shown us a living, breathing example of man’s potential love for one another.

Can’t God just forgive us? Well, of course He can, but what would be the point? God wants us to repent and desire to be close to Him in order to be forgiven. Jesus had to teach us this lesson by taken on our humanity.

Why did God create Humanity before Salvation? Everything God created was good. It just took humanity to mess it up. I think Salvation results in living in the presence of God (Heaven). This is what Adam and Eve were able to do in the Garden of Eden, until that whole apple affair.

This is all just my humble opinion. Maybe it’s,



When God created the first human beings, there was no need for salvation, since there had been no sin, either original or personal. Had Adam and Even not sinned, they would have been able to enter heaven at the conclusion of their life.

But they did sin, thereby making a need for a Saviour.

And even if they had not sinned, every subsequent human being still had free will and the ability to sin. Even if no one in the entire human race had sinned except you, or me, that would have been enough for God in his divine love to provide a Saviour for us.


Well, we have to remember here that God is outside of time. Jesus’s sacrifice, while happening on earth at a given moment in human time, is at the same time an ETERNAL event. This explains how the Mass can be a sacrifice. It is not a new Sacrifice, but a participation in the eternal sacrifice of Jesus.

Fr. Vincent Sherpa answered in Ask an Apologist today that the Church teaches that Adam, Moses, Aaron, etc ARE Saints. So while salvation may not have been available in “human time” to them, Jesus’ sacrifice extends both backwards and forwards in time for the salvation of souls.

I believe the Church teaches that righteous people who died before Jesus’ death went to a place called limbo. And then when Jesus died and descended to the dead He passed through limbo and brought these souls to heaven with him. But I really don’t remember much about this.

Again, I really don’t know much about all this, it is only what I deduce from Fr. Vincent Sherpa’s comment and some rudimentary memories I have of reading about the eternal nature of Christ’s sacrifice. Hopefully someone better educated can verifty my comments.



Someone should be able to explain this better than me… And I hope this is correctly explained:

We needed Jesus because to come because just as God is Perfectly Good and Perfectly Loving, He is also Perfectly Just. By sinning, we MERITED damnation, and God couldn’t just overlook that because He is perfectly just. And we could never offer Him a pure sacrifice in reparation for our sins because anything we offered Him would be tainted by our sin. So God offered up Himself, His Son, perfect in every way, as the perfect sacrifice for reparation for our sins, thus satiating God’s perfect Justice. And so we pray, “Look not upon our sins, but on the Blood of your Son, Jesus.” We needed Jesus to satisfy God’s justice.



Ok, for some reason I never thoought of Adam & Eve… And tat explains it all on it’s own (for the most part)

Thank you all for your answers… I understand this now.


If one accepts the Christian faith, a question like:
Why Would God Create Humans Before There Was Any
Hope of Salvation, is an understandable question.

In the Hebrew Scriptures [OT], there are many references
to God forgiving sin, God’s lovingkindness…

When it is said:
"Save Thy people, L-ord, and bless Thy inheritance…"
salvation meant being saved from an external threat to
God’s Chosen People.

The Messiah, who was looked for, was to be a human being
who would “save” Israel, in the sense of setting up the
Kingdom of God, where God’s Law would be followed
completely, and the other nations of the world would
acknowledge the God of Israel, and follow the commandments
that apply to non-Jews who accept Israel’s God.
Peace will reign and the Kingdom of God will be established.

Judaism has no belief in Original Sin, and therefore
is not looking for a Messiah to wash away this sin.
Moses and Abraham could “walk with God” because
God loved them, accepted them, and brought them to
the World to Come.

This is at least one answer to the question of why
God created human beings when He did, because
He was their God, Who forgave sin:
“Though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them
whiter than snow.”

To this day, Judaic thought says that a person who
has sinned, and is forgiven on repenting, may spend
up to 12 months in Gehenna, at death, and then will be
admitted into the World to Come.

Original sin, from which we must be saved, is a
Christian belief, which generates questions such as
the one in this thread. Additionally, the concept of
Original Sin creates questions like: What happens
to unbaptized babies, and so on.

Just my reflection,



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