Why would God not save people he loves from hell?

I was thinking about hell and something doesn’t make sense to me. I know God loves you more than anyone could ever imagine, more than your parents, more than anybody. I also know that God does not send you to hell, you send yourself through your choices. But what I don’t get is this:
For example, if I screwed up a lot in my life and was left in a suffering position, no matter what I did I know my parents would be there to take me back. God loves you more than your parents, so if He saw you weeping, begging and pleading for mercy once in hell, I don’t see how He could just turning around and leave people to suffer ETERNALLY. God has the power to help us, I don’t understand how He could possibly just watch people suffer in hell.:confused:
Also, if one does go to heaven, we can assume they are compassionate, so, if heaven is supposed to be a place of complete happiness, I don’t see how a loving person could ever be truly happy in heaven knowing so many are suffering and will be suffering forever. :confused:
Can someone try to explain this to me?
Thank you for reading all that!

We have a just God, and a just God demands justice.

Suppose you have someone who murdered and was unrepentent. Then the murderer dies and goes to hell. All of a sudden he is begging God for mercy. How is it just for God to bring the murderer to heaven? The murderer isn’t repentent of his sin, he is only sorry he is suffering in hell. What is just is for God to let the murderer suffer the consequences of his actions.

God is indeed compassionate. That is proven by the fact that He sent His SON to die for us. His son DIED for us. What is more compassionate than Someone sending his son to die for you?

What more do you want? God did His part, now we have to do ours. If we don’t do our part, it’s not for God’s lack of compassion, but for our lack of love for God. Why would such a person deserve heaven?

Remember, hell is a separation from God. That separation was freely chosen by the people who placed themselves in that position. Separation from God is what they wanted and so it is what they will get.

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yes what jpjd said and to add

what makes you think those in hell will want to cry out to God?? perhaps they will curse Him for their misery even though they asked for it.

Dont forget most that dont want, need, acknowledge, love, adore the Lord in this life tend to blame Him for all the problems, and troubles and evils that happen.

They say He doesnt exist and blame Him for everything.

pray they all see His light.


He did. That’s why He died on the cross. But He doesn’t drag people kicking and screaming into Heaven if they don’t want to be there.

It would be more fair to let people’s souls fall into non existence.

In that case, we are not possessive of an immortal soul, if the soul can be destroyed.

That cannot happen to humans. Our souls are immortal.
It is only the souls of plants and animals that cease to exist when they die.

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“Through God all things are possible”

If he was truly merciful he would simply destroy souls who don’t want to look at his happy face for all eternity.

But why shouldn’t God give them what they want? They don’t want to look on His face, so why can’t he let them do what they want?

People who hate god hate their existence therefore our souls should be destroyed. The point is it would be more merciful.

People who hate God blame Him for everything.

And hell is separation from God so they have what they want, how can it be merciful to put them with someone they dont like?

And if they think that God is their creator why would they want to be zotted out of existance rather than be with the One who created them?


Hell is a choice. Those who go to Hell choose to go there.

Stina, you may find this helpful:


So you are are trying to bend God to your will rather than you obey his will.

Why is that “more fair”? How does one judge fairness?

A true lover does not violate the will of the beloved. That would be like rape.

The flames of hell are God’s love to those who refuse to accept it. There is no place we can go to escape His love, not even hell.

Also, I don’t claim to understand eternity. I suspect that it is beyond human comprehension. I do not believe, however, that it is simply time as we know it, continuing forever. I suspect the answer to the dilema of eternal suffering lies in the nature of eternity.

God long ago responded to those who think He doesn’t know what He’s doing and man does:

Job 40:8 Would you refuse to acknowledge my right? Would you condemn me that you may be justified? Have you an arm like that of God, or can you thunder with a voice like his?

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