Why would you go to Confession for venial sins which you have alreayd prayed for?

If you pray for forgiveness for your sins (none of them being mortal), why would you go to Confession when you have already been forgiven?

It’s a good and pius practice. It keeps you from an occasion of sin. Venial sins add up over time—not in the sense that a bunch of venial sins equals a mortal sin, but because any sin makes it easier for us to commit further sins (including mortal sins) in the future, sin is habit-forming. Confessing them can only help us to avoid them and to live more holy lives.

Thank you. So say if you can only remember a couple of venial sins, would it be a bit silly going to Confession?

You also receive grace from going to confession. I usually only confess venial sins, especially the ones I habitually commit. By doing so I have stopped committing some of these sins (or commit them less frequently).

Perhaps I’m the wrong person to ask that question. I would never say it is silly to go to confession. I think making a good examination of conscience can afford us the ablility to remember more than only a couple of venial sins.

Thank you for these answers. I have a small book about examining your conscience and Confession, but haven’t read much of it.

Thyme…try reading Scott Hahn’s “Lord Have Mercy, The healing power of Confession.”
It will give a much deeper meaning for confession, our venial and mortal sins, and the first time I came across this word: Concupiscence.

I do it because it makes me feel absolved of my sins. Jesus gave / delegated the authority to the Apostles to forgive sin. And, the words of absolution, when spoken by His priest, seal in His grace.

Not silly at all.
Once during a Day of Renewal, the priest asked that we only confess one sin. He was the only priest with a limited amount of time allotted for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. If you are in the habit of regular confession, it is unlikely that you have any mortal sin to confess. Each of us has at least one area in our life where we struggle with temptation. Even if I don’t remember a specific sin, I can always confess this area of weakness.

Great answer. We are absolved through the Sacrament. God’s grace gives us the strength we need when faced with temptation in the future.

Confessing your sins out loud to another human being is different from confessing them in private where only God can hear you. It’s easier to sin if you know that nobody but God will ever find out.

It is a remedy against pride and self-deception —Bonhoeffer (quoting Martin Luther in Cost of Discipleship)

Thank you everyone for your answers. I am now motivated to go to Confession more regularly. How often do you (everyone who reads this) go?

The order has just been placed. Thanks for the suggestion :smiley: It will probably arrive on Tuesday, so I’ll let you know what I think then.

I try to go once a month; unless I must confess mortal sin and than it is ASAP.

My former pastor’s recommendation was once a month.
It is traditional to go on the first Saturday of the month.

Not only is frequent confession, even in the absence of venial sin, a spiritually sound idea, it is also good for one’s mental and emotional health. Examining our consciences, identifying our concupiscent tendencies, and bringing them to God and a priest helps to relieve anxiety and depression and provides sound and practical advice for avoiding these pitfalls.

I go every month or so.

There is much grace in this sacrament, if we are open to receiving it. A closeness to Jesus. I need it!

Hi, Thyme…i am glad you ordered the book…it has an examination of conscience too…i had to get me a second copy…a friend borrowed my first one and has not returned it…i think i will not get it back…:smiley:

And yes, I would like to hear from you what you think.

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