Why would you not want to be a Jehovah's Witness?

What’s the number 1 reason you would never convert to the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Give me a detailed answer please…not something like…because its not Catholic lol.

**That’s a good question. The JW proselytizers are always welcome in my home, and we have friendly discussions.
I like that JWs will not engage in any employment that might be harmful to their fellow man.
You will not find a JW serving on an SSBN or working at the Y-12 National Security Complex. **


**The one obstacle to my attendance at a Kingdom Hall gathering is the JW’s failure to recognise our Lord’s Holy Burial Cloth with its divine image.
When invited, I asked if I could bring a photo of this image and was told that such was not a good idea. **

I derive pleasure from knowing that the blood I have donated over the many years since I began donating has gone to help many folks that needed blood for one reason or another and possibly saved many lives. In the bible somewhere it is written “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for a friend.” This is one way I am fortunate to be able to help.
My understanding is that Jehovah’s witnesses don’t believe in giving or receiving blood and offer some bible verses or verse as justification for this.

Because Jesus Christ and St. Michael the Archangel are not and never have been the same person, in any way, shape or form.

I could add a few more things, but a religion that confuses the basic identities of God and one of His archangels… no.

Of course, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints takes a similar view of Deity as just a sort of promotion that you can work for, like becoming a CEO, so that the ancient Christian idea of becoming Christlike as a form of “divinization” becomes a lot more like going to the store and ordering a Christ suit in your own size and color, or taking courses and doing the requirements and passing tests. You too can work your way up to planetary rulership! (Well, unless you’re a woman, in which case you have to marry into it.)

Maybe it’s an American thing. We like to think that we can do and become anything, so even Jesus Christ, the Son of God, becomes just some guy who worked hard and bettered himself all the way to godhood. (Comparable theorists in the ancient world tended to decide that Jesus had been adopted into godhood or almost-godhood, like a likely young man getting adopted as the Roman Emperor’s heir.)

(And yes, I’m sure I’m not giving a fair characterization of either group’s theology, but that is the rough idea.)

Of course, before I had any idea of JW theological ideas, I was already unhappy with the relentless knocks on the door and with what I learned about life inside the group. I’m not one of those people who thinks that love is best expressed by having one’s life controlled and contained by the group to which I belong. Most Christian churches are interested in encouraging virtue and forbidding vice, but the details are their members’ business. The JW leadership apparently believes that nobody has the freedom of the children of God.

Also, their Bible translation stinks.

And finally, I do believe in celebrating holy days and birthdays, and I like the flag of my earthly country. These simple pleasures are forbidden to JWs. I wouldn’t have made a good New England Puritan, either. :slight_smile:

Patriotism is not allowed.
Birthdays not allowed because two birthdays in the bible involved beheadings
No Christmas
They think Jesus was Michael the Archangel/say he was not crucified and that it was a stake.
My babysitter I had as a six year old was one and she was not one I would recommend.
They call blood transfusions drinking blood, so a lot of people die unnecessarily.

Because it is just another of the cults that exists due to flagrant misrepresentation of scripture.


Because it’s not Christian.

They deny the divinity of Christ, so their religion is based on a lie. That is the sole reason one ought not to be a JW.

Number 1 reason? Because they can’t pray to or worship Christ.

Some other reasons:

Because the Watchtower has contradicted itself multiple times and is not a reliable guide to truth. I can’t trust an organization like that.

Because the prophecies their leaders have made have all turned out false. That’s a huge problem.

Because the NWT is a faulty translation of the Bible. I only had two semesters in Greek and even I can see problems with it.

Because “heaven” for those not in the 144,000 is just an earthly paradise. No beatific vision. I don’t want that.

That’s just a few of the major reasons for me. Besides the fact that I don’t believe their claims are true.

This is as detailed as I can possibly make it:

. . . because its not “true.”

It is not those who say to me, “Lord, Lord,” who will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but the person who does the will of My Father in Heaven.

**As Catholics and Anglicans we may go to services on Sunday and then return to our employment on Monday at the Y-12 Complex or on the SSBN Ohio.
The building or deployment of an intercontinental nuclear weapon is the worst transgression of YHWH’s Law that I can imagine.
How dare we criticize JW theology until we get our own houses in order. **



Of course we dare. The Catholic Church teaches the truth. The JW’s don’t.

And why does everything have to be nuclear weapons with you? None of us here can help with nuclear weapons. Especially on a thread about JW’s. For crying out loud. Non sequitur if I’ve ever seen one.

How about trying to post your next five without a mention of nuclear weapons?

JW’s believe that Jesus is a son of God, not the Only Begotten Son of God .

Jesus said " I and the Father are One."

Because their tactics for “teaching” are textbook cult behavior / indoctrination. They reject critical thinking and examination of their beliefs and texts. They also reject historical evidence which undermines the validity of their book, and they refuse to acknowledge grievous translations errors that are present in their translation of the Bible.

On a doctrinal level, they reject the divinity of Christ, which is clearly established in scripture, and they make irrational claims about an infinite historical regression of “gods.” Such a thing is not logically possible, and chain of progression requires an initial starting point, so the belief in that thing is not rational.

This one’s easy. They reject the Divinty of Christ, yet still attempt to claim that they are Christian. The individuals in our churches are not perfect, that is true, but at least we do not reject the most basic, core principle of all of Christendom.

**Our Churches could most definitely help. They could call for Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament (which only the Society of Friends does now.)
Some Churches prohibit their members from certain employments.
That prohibition could easily be extended to nuclear weapons enablement.

The JWs have that employment prohibition against the most evil jobs in the world.
So I must respectfully disagree with the idea that the enablement of nuclear weapons is not relevant to this JW thread.
The JWs are complying with YHWH’s Laws better than the rest of us, regardless of any aberrant theologies that they may profess. **

I said, none of us HERE, that is, CAF, can help with nuclear weapons, unless one of us here holds the football. So your repeated posts on the topic merely indicate obsession. So I would suggest, drop it.

The JW’s do many arguably good things, but so do heathens, Muslims, and mafia bosses. And yes, Catholics. That does not make them something worth emulating. Their core doctrine is a lie, and that is THE reason to steer clear of them.

**I could say the same thing about abortion.
Are you suggesting that we should drop that topic also?

The quote from this link purports that nuclear weapons are the over-riding issue of our times.**

This link purports that a global nuclear war is going to happen.
If we were all JWs that would be impossible.


**Holy Scripture itself predicts a global nuclear war. **
Jeremiah 25:31-33-------

I once had a courteous discussion in my home with a JW, who explained to me the details of his religion. I would not convert because JW is just another variation of Christianity, and besides, in Judaism, we already believe J-hovah is the only G-d.

No, but simply because people aren’t dying by the thousands with nuclear weapons on a daily basis. It is HARDLY the overriding issue of our times, when multiple innocent lives are taken every single day.

If you want obsess, obsess over THAT reality that’s happening RIGHT NOW, not some theoretical nuclear war that may or may not happen tomorrow or in a thousand years.

And even then, merely discussing abortion the same way you’re always flaunting nuclear weapons is just as unhelpful. DO something about it. Go to a Forty Days for Life. Pray at an abortuary. Whining about nuclear weapons or abortion on CAF with no real concrete substance is useless.

So yes, as I said. This is a JW thread. Drop the nuclear weapons thing.

Number one reason? Because it’s not a Christian religion. They deny the trinity and the divinity of Christ. Believe Christ is synonymous with Abaddon. Deny the cross. Etc…

This may be a variation of “because it’s not Catholic.”

But I wouldn’t convert because I would have to give up being Catholic and all that means to me.

As a Jehovah’s Witness you’re expected to give up your association with your previous religious association.

I cannot give up my association with what I believe is the one true Church, the Church whose teachings I believe to be consistent with the Bible, and whose teachings are consistent with hundreds of years of true Bible scholarship.

If I converted, as I said in the other thread, I’d be saying that hundreds of years of Bible scholars and theologians are wrong but one man in the 1800s with no education and a King James Bible knows more about it than they did.

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