Why wouldn’t God show miracles to this generation?


As a non-believer, let me give it from my perspective.

First, often the response when this topic comes up is the Eucharist. Not to denigrate the Eucharist, but let’s imagine a religion that both you and I consider untrue. If a practitioner of that religion were to perform a ritual over a container of water that showed no perceptible changes in any of the senses, and had no discernible alteration in effect when consumed, we would both be skeptical a miracle had occurred.

Second, if we take Mother Teresa’s canonization, one of the two miracles ascribed to her was the healing of a woman claimed to have occurred from an image of Mother Teresa. The problem is the woman was under strong medical care, leading the non-faithful to (I think rightly) chalk that up to a non-miraculous cause and effect. It sets the bar for what qualifies as a miracle embarrassingly low.

Third, even if there are a few that would not believe practically any miracle there are a great many that would be swayed. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. And the reason why people rationalize alleged miracle is because there are very rational explanations. Take the case of a statue of Jesus in a Catholic church in Mumbai, India. Water was dripping – seemingly miraculously – from the statue’s feet. People were going to it and collecting the water believing it might cure the sick. A man by the name of Sanal Edamaruku investigated and saw that water from a nearby washroom was going along a ceiling beam via capillary action and into the nail holding up the statue. It then leaked down through the feet. For his troubles of keeping people from drinking toilet water he was charged with religious offence and fled the country.

In the end, I don’t think the massive decrease in miracles coinciding with the increase in cameras is a coincidence.


Miracles are acts of faith, yes, they still occur, just believe…
Note none of the Jewish hierarchy believed in Jesus miracle…

They used it as a reason to convince the Romans to crucify him.


His Miraculous Image

An awesome miracle was revealed to the world in 1898 when the first photograph of the Shroud of Turin was taken. This photo revealed in its negative plate an astounding positive image of Jesus’ body as it lay in its tomb.

The image of Jesus on His burial cloth has now been proven to have been created by the vanishing of His body into another dimension just as recorded in our Holy Gospels. So God has indeed shown a miracle to this generation just as He promised that He would. His miraculous image is the long awaited proof of His death and burial and is the fulfillment of the Sign of Jonah.


Really? What is it his proof that the image must have been created by the vanishing of his body into another dimension? Is it even proper theology that Jesus vanished from his tomb into another dimension? If so why roll the stone covering his tomb away? Is it not proper theology that he was physically raised, not transported into another dimension? I haven’t really studied this specifically.


Pope John Paul II was made a saint due to miracles. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints investigates each one.



This happened in 1917 with thousands of people, on a date and time that was predicted beforehand, and witnessed by believers and non-believers alike. Yet, there are people who refuse to believe it happened. Gosh, that’s as big as parting the Red Sea. That says a lot about how people are so hard hearted and stubborn in their refusal to accept that there really is a God and He loves them. Baffling to a believer.

God is apparent in the order, harmony, working, of the universe, the planet, and down to molecules. All creation proclaims that there was a Designer. Everything works together like a well designed clock. No one is so blind as those who refuse to see.
God bless.


The miracle of the sun is an interesting one, in that the miracle actually did not result in a physical observable change, it was more of an apparition. Because the sun was not seen to move by anyone else anywhere else. And the naturalistic explanation, that when you stare at the sun for a while an imprint will form in your vision, is actually pretty close to what is described with the sun moving around erratically and changing color. This is one of the least convincing miracles, I think. Now, Jesus raising from the dead…

Not to say the miracle of the sun wasn’t meaningful or enlightening to those involved, but it’s not hard to explain naturalistically.


I heard somewhere that there have been more saints canonized in the 20th century than all centuries before. Meaning a boat load of confirmed miracles in our time.

John Henry Newman may be canonized soon because a 2nd miracle was recently confirmed.


Are you so sure there are no miracles today?


Yes, I think it’s a minimum of one medical miracle for each saint, and for most of them, two. They used to require even more. I think St. Elizabeth Seton had three to her credit when the Pope decided to waive the fourth one and just canonize her.

I’m also sure that skeptics would claim flaws in the medical evaluations, or that we simply didn’t know enough yet about science to know the natural cause of the miracle.

Just like I’ve read stuff about how Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead because he wasn’t really dead when he was put in the tomb. Or his followers were running a scam or having mass hysteria. Etc. Anything can be explained away by a skeptic. We have one post on this thread already doing it.


Good point. But those acts of mercy gathered believers.


There were other phenomenon happening at the same time that were not natural.
Thank you for demonstrating that even though someone might hear of an event, they don’t necessarily believe that it happened.


I didn’t say that I don’t believe that it happened, I said that there are good naturalistic explanations for the reported phenomena.

Now, to the point of the original post, it is one thing to hear about a miracle, the better question I think is why not everyone directly experiences such miracles, like St. Paul on the road to Damascus, for example.

  1. Ironically, the proof that the image was created by the disappearance of the corpse is the 1988 C-14 evidence. That evidence was not compatible with the Shroud’s known age of 2000 years.* Therefore, some event or contamination must have altered the C-14 content of the Shroud’s linen. All of the contamination possibilities have been examined and eliminated. The only remaining possibility is that the Shroud’s C-14 content was enhanced by a neutron radiation event,
    When the atoms of Jesus’ corpse vanished into another dimension a small percentage of these atoms did not vanish but instead broke apart into their elemental particle: protons and neutrons.
    When the burial Shroud collapsed into the vacuum where the corpse had lain, it passed through the proton and neutron radiation fields. The proton radiation caused the darkening of the linen fibers which resulted in the Shroud’s image. And as I had indicated, the neutron radiation enhanced the Shroud’s C-14 content.
    This theory is called the Historically Consistent Hypothesis,** and it is supported by the fact that the Shroud’s fibers that lie underneath the blood stains are not torn or disturbed as they would have been if the cloth had been pulled away from the corpse.***

  2. The angels rolled the stone away so that the women could see that the tomb was empty.

  3. Jesus appeared to His disciples after they had isolated themselves behind a locked door. He also disappeared from their presence in the same way. What we call Heaven, a nuclear physicist refers to as “another dimension.”

*THE SHROUD OF TURIN–FIRST CENTURY AFTER CHRIST!, Fanti/Malfi, 2015 (Prof Fanti’s work debunks the Brirish Museum’s wrongful interpretation of the Shroud’s C-14 evidence and establishes its true date of 35 B.C. +/- 250 years with a 95% certainty.)

**TEST THE SHROUD, Antonacci, 2015 (In collaboration with nuclear physicist Robert Rucker, Antonacci establishes a theory that explains all of the Shroud’s many mysterious features.)

***REPORT ON THE SHROUD OF TURIN, Heller, 1983 (Heller documents the evidence that STURP collected and analyzed.)


Jesus shows miracles when they are needed and we receive miracles daily, we just aren’t always aware of them. Our most recently canonized saints had recent miracles. In my own life I have had a medical miracle.

Jesus notes in the Gospels that he presented signs and miracles to the Pharisees time and time again and they still doubted. Remember John 20:29


So you assume the shroud is 2000 years old, and then because carbon dating disagrees with that you say that that is proof it really is 2000 years old?


Also keep in mind that Jesus showed the crowds miracle after miracle, think of the healing of the dead girl and the healing of the paralytic as well as casting the evil spirit into the herd of cows specifically. And yet, these are the same crowds that cry “Crucify Him!”


The Shroud was proven to be the burial cloth of Jesus in 1898 when Secundo Pia took the first photograph and discovered that the Shroud’s image was photographic negative.*
Subsequent investigations confirmed Pia’s finding.**
The British Museum wrongly interpreted the Shroud’s 1988 C-14 evidence to be a date when, in fact, that evidence was proof of an event.***

***TEST THE SHROUD, Antonacci, 2015


I think the answer to this is because God is merciful.

Luke 12:48 tells us to whom much is given much more will be required.

I’m a sinful, self centered human being. I don’t think I could handle the responsibility that would come from an experience such as St. Paul’s.

If God gave me that much I would be doomed to Hell, because I know I don’t have what it takes to be another St. Paul.

Just my thoughts,

God Bless


He shouldn’t have to, but he performs miracles every day, and most people don’t pay attention.

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