Why you should think that the Natural-Evolution of species is true


You were spot-on with your capitalizations.

I’m sure that will cut down on your time in purgatory substantially! :wink:


Sad. What did atheists say and think before Darwin’s book? I’ve spoken to atheists. I know where they’re coming from. Example: “Science 1, Gods 0.” So it doesn’t have to be the Christian God.


Primates? What about this guy?


Pretty much none of what you posted is true.

First of all, if we find a bone that don’t fit, we certainly are not stupid enough to invent some sort of story, and any scientist who tried to do that would be almost instantly discredited. If you doubt that, check the letters in the first section of each copy of Scientific American.

Secondly, the acceptance of the basic axiom of the evolution of life did not cause the Holocaust, nor other genocides, nor abortions, nor sunspots.


And your point is…?

BTW, the title does not match the content of the article itself-- check it out.


The way I see it, as a deeper faith arises from a truer belief system, so too can evil from what is false. There’s been much written here about where evolution is wrong, but then so are many of the ideas we have. A wrongful belief may not be necessarily evil; the problem lies in the fact that untruths leave us vulnerable and weak. People more easily succumb to sin, and without God’s grace who among us can be strong enough to confront it within ourselves and in the world around us. People can believe what they will; in fact, pretty much everything of what we know, except for the direct experience of God, is only a partial truth. We have to be reminded that people should proceed cautiously in adopting worldly ideas, always referring back to the revealed truth as taught by the church.


What about learning something about taxonomy? “This guy” was a very early deuterostome. All humans, all primates, all mammals, all tetrapods, all vertebrates and all chordates are deuterostomes. Can you not tell the difference between your grandfather and your great^100grandfather? That is what this discovery is about.

By all means criticise evolution, but please do learn something about what it is you are criticising.



I doubt it. It’s simply a sign of respect. The emphasis meant to act as a reminder.


How is the Christian making the first move. There is no first move. We have differing beliefs and discuss them.
It’s not like atheists are forced to play defense. Atheists dogmatically militate for atheist belief all the time, and try to shape the beliefs of others and the beliefs of societies all the time.
The question is, which belief is more coherent? Debating your beliefs on fundamentalist grounds is not a really a debate.

It’s like debating astronomy with astrologers.


The idea that somehow evolution is wrong really doesn’t make one iota of sense even if one didn’t know a single thing about the scientific evidence. It stands to common sense based on observations that all material objects tend to change over time, and genes are material objects. We know they can and have changed (again, google “speciation” of examples and links to studies), and continue to do as such.

Accepting the basic ToE should not counter anyone’s faith in God, Jesus, or the Church as it is neutral on these. Instead, the better approach imo is to accept the reality of the basic ToE and incorporate it into our understanding of God’s creation instead of denying its reality.


Neutral? See “Science Must Destroy Religion” by Sam Harris. Briefly, science/man is god and the only source of knowledge.


I saw it pretty much that way myself, but the Biblical story of the “Peaceful Kingdom” in Isiah was always there suggesting a “What if?”. The experience I had convinced me.

It was the most vivid dream which I had ever had. A little background, my first pet when I was a kid through 2nd year in college was a dog called Renny whom everyone in the family really loved. After he died and my parents eventually moved from the house to an apartment and they got another dog whom they gave the same name. At the time I was teaching not far away and so I was able to get home and I was the one who trained the dog. Like the first, he was an incredible dog.

In the dream I had I saw the Renny 1 running towards me out of a tunnel of pure light on my right hand side. He was there in the room with me… I could feel him and he was jumping all over me with joy. He then ran off in front of me where he joyfully greeted Renny 2. They happily played together, jumping over each other, and then they both came to me. I could feel both of them. Then they both ran off together joyfully into the tunnel of light.

This was not like any other dream I had had where you forget the details as soon as you are awake. I remembered every detail as if it were a memory of a real event. In the morning I called my mother (my dad had passed by this time) to tell her of the incredible dream I had but she then told me that Renny 2 had been hit by a car that evening and he died during the night.

The reality of that experienced totally convinced me that the Church’s teaching that animal do not have souls is incorrect. I now feel convinced that any animal who learns to love in his own limited way will find his way to heaven as well.

I know that my experience is not any sort of proof for anyone else, but it certainly was for me.


It’s when you know th scientific evidence that you realize it’s wrong, meaning untrue, not corresponding to reality.


Point one out in this thread. Just one. No, point just one out on this FORUM. Put up or retract.


As I would interpret it, dogs have souls, not individual eternal souls, but they individually are brought into existence, with their instinctive capacity to engage in a loving relationship, by an act of Divine will, by Love itself. When they die, they return to the Source of their being as we do. All exists in that eternal Beatific Vision and God granted you a peak through those loving relationships, to inform your spirit of that truth and to comfort you in the pain that would soon engulf you. That the two Rennys will be resurrected however, I don’t think so. Their nature, the faithful happy dogginess of which each was an expression, within which we can say that they dwell, however, we should know again in the New Jerusalem.


It is better to dispell the illusion holding on to the truths that science actually reveals and viewing them through the lens that is Jesus Christ as we do with the Old Testament.


You know I post here just to amuse you … did I just write that ;


I guess we will have to wait until we die to actually find out. (But I am not literally dying to find out.)


I’ll take that as a retraction.


“Any crossing of two beings not at exactly the same level produces a medium between the level of the two parents. This means: the offspring will probably stand higher than the racially lower parent, but not as high as the higher one. Consequently, it will later succumb in the struggle against the higher level.”

The hatred precedes the rationale to act but without the evolutionist’s rationale fewer would follow this madman.

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