Why you should think that the Natural-Evolution of species is true


You need to keep up with the latest ID research. Evolution can produce irreducibly complex systems. Even Professor Behe has recognised this. According to his paper: Behe and Snoke (2004) a simple IC system can evolve in a small population of bacteria in about 20,000 years.

While it is more difficult, and slower, for evolution to produce an IC system, evolution is perfectly capable of producing IC systems by an indirect route. Professor Behe was correct to say that evolution cannot make an IC system by the direct route. He missed the fact that it is possible by indirect routes.



You won’t. If you want a completely new organism than you can’t use DNA, amino acids etc. and you won’t get that from evolution on earth. The best you will see is a partly new organism, of which we have plenty. You yourself are an example, since your DNA does not match the DNA of any other human on earth, so you are partly new yourself.

For something completely new, you will need to look for some sort of alien life. Fred Hoyle’s The Black Cloud is an example of a completely new lifeform.



Note that Fred was a much better astronomer than he was author.


If you would be so kind as to specify exactly what you mean by “a completely new creature” I might venture a guess as to how long we would need to wait. If you say “bacteria into bambi” I’m afraid you might have to wait that long.


“another unexpected finding from the study—species have very clear genetic boundaries, and there’s nothing much in between."

“If individuals are stars, then species are galaxies,” said Thaler. “They are compact clusters in the vastness of empty sequence space.”


What I’m talking about is what rossum calls a partly new organism.Something that would make a unbeliever, a believer… like half rabbit/half goat like creature walking around


I’m afraid that any change that big will take more than your lifetime. Now if you are willing to accept evidence from before you were born, we might get somewhere.


The clock for evolution started ticking 4 billion years ago, and out the 10 million species we have now, not one organism can be seen to be in the… half/half stage . :thinking:


Oh, there are plenty of them right now. But you won’t know that they are in that half/half stage until you see the other half, which might not appear for several million years. And you won’t wait that long. That is why I suggested that you accept evidence from before you were born so we can see both halves.


How does evolution know what’s the environment is going to be like several million years from now ?


Because we now know as I posted the distance to cover genetically is too great. We would need to see so many more transitionals to cover this vast distance.


And how is the organism going to be fit for the environmental change if it takes millions of years for this to happen, what does it do in the meantime ?


Why do you think it needs to know? (Because obviously it doesn’t.)


So it can be fit for this so-called environmental change ? You tell me.


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You do realize that this is what you are doing right here, failing to actually address the point I am making that evolution is an interpretation of the actual science.

The actual science is to be found in physics, chemistry, and genetics. No controlled studies can confirm evolution; what is done is to interpret the actual findings in accordance with a materialistic and utilitarian philosophical system. The creationist vision is far far superior.


That does not require knowing what the environment is going to be. It only requires recognizing and responding to the environment after the environment changes, which is does through natural selection.


I did address it. I disagreed with with.


How can evolution offer any beneficial survival advantages if it takes millons of years to do so?


I see you have reverted to your old standby of asking endless irrelevant question.

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