Why you should think that the Natural-Evolution of species is true


So you’re telling me if you photocopy a document, and copy that copy and so on one thousand times, the end result will be at least as legible as the first and likely contain more information. That’s not what I refer to as common sense. Nor is it sensible to not put on sunscreen, nor to use such solvents as benzene in a closed room without gloves; it is not reasonable for a pregnant woman to visit Brazil currently.

I wish people would stop talking to themselves, telling others that they should be “learning something” when they have absolutely no idea with whom they are conversing. Discuss the argument.


Lifeforms aren’t documents.


This is like saying “if I squeeze a piece of paper really hard, it will never make light, so the sun can’t be producing light through fusion and fission reactions. It must be magic.” You aren’t demonstrating an interest or basic knowledge of what you’re trying to criticize.


Put it this way: you are saying that all genetic change is negative, and cannot result in equally viable or more viable organisms. If this were true, every single dog would be exactly the same, genetically, or “corrupted”. But we can breed all kinds of dogs because genetic mutation does not automatically lead to corruption or unviability. So your analogy about photocopying just leading to a mess is ridiculous and reveals a very poor understanding of even the most basic concepts.

Now you will say something about “kinds” but that is a very different complaint than your previous one about genetic mutation being necessarily harmful (and is also revealing of basic misunderstandings).


And documents dont create themselves .


No. They are not, the processes involved in life and its capacity to develop, grow, replicate and interact within its environment are far, far mor complex than a print on paper and a photocopier. Different kinds of living being have been “engineered”/“designed”/created to be self correcting and to diversify. This did not happen by happenstance.


X isn’t Y
Y doesnt create itself


Not sure to whom you are replying or what you are talking about here.

Consider that random = magic.

There is a cause for the existence of different kinds of things, and that Cause is God.
No magic involved, mystery yes.


Random isn’t magic, and biological evolution is not purely random. You would know this if you actually understood the topic. There’s this thing called “natural selection” which is pretty key to the process.


Therefore, you can compare a computer to biological evolution.


After 25 thousand posts, we understand the topic.


Yeah I’m not going to be able to help you if you dont understand what a simulation is.


I really dont think people do if they’re still saying evolution is purely random and that random change is magic.


So, you’re using simulation on an intelligently designed computer to calculate
evolution? :thinking:


Chemical reactions are events caused by God, brought into existence in their moment, having a predetermined course through time, based on their inherent properties. As frames of reference, structured in the form of a past-present-future, we can insert ourselves mentally into any point along the trajectory of an event through time and space. That’s how we came up with the big bang theory. It proposes that atoms had a beginning, composed of what God had previously created, that we can imagine as an orange plasma.

Randomness plays a supposrting role in the creation of things in themselves. It is a feature of what things do based on their inherent properties, freed from any external ordering principle. There is random degradation of the genome, in spite of built-in protective mechanisms, as there is of our bodies in time. Biological evolution, in spite of what true believers hold to be true is not a fact. It is a story; and the story is that random mutations occur is responsible for the greater complexity we find in living forms. As was stated earlier, there exist epigenetic factors, meaning that DNA is the holder of data utilized by the cell in its functioning, and influences outside the cell act on those processes to direct development, growth and reproduction. An order is placed on living forms, from the top, the soul, down, to the atomic and subatomic levels of our being. Any element of that whole, acting randomly, outside that order, will cause disorder. The original version of the kind of living being that does demenstrate diversity through successive generations, was created, and it did not come about through the random activity of matter, which constitutes the building blocks of life.

Everything that exists in itself, is also a part of a greater whole. We are individual beings, broken within ourselves and among one another in what would be the mystical body of Christ. Animals and plants are components in their larger ecosystem to which they contribute and in turn are supported by. If a living being does not fit within the larger system, it dies. It may not be able absorb and transform matter (oxygen, water and nutrients) that is external to itself, into its bodily form. It may not be able to procreate. In any event that genetic lineage dies off. This is hardly a creative process.


Yes. To illustrate the point that unguided evolution can create efficient solutions. You see I’m not guiding the program, it is evolving blindly in a set environment. Similarly you could say God set the parameters of the universe, and life evolves blindly within that environment to produce amazing and varied creatures, without his direct intervention in the process.


Random mutations and natural selection are too vague to explain where all the DNA Codes came from to produce the millions of plant and animal species we have today.


I actually proved, mathematically even, that natural selection and mutation can be a creative process. And the evolution of new traits by that process is observable in controlled lab conditions.


What do you mean by vague? You’re talking about the most basic general mechanism of course it wont tell you everything about every single species.


Always a skeptic, I need people to show me the evidence.

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