Why you should think that the Natural-Evolution of species is true


There are many practical uses for “evolution”, as evolution is defined in biology, but how are these algorithims dependant on the information that all life on earth descended from a common ancestor? I’ve yet to encounter a practical use for that belief.


Could you please answer the question I’ve asked three times now?

Why aren’t there fossils of the over 99.9% of species extant on the earth now, including humans?

We’ve found many Tyrannosaurs in the fossil record, but no people. :thinking:


You mean, evolution is the best SCIENTIFIC explanation for life. In which case, it doesn’t mean much … the best scientific explanation for the origin of life is that the first living organism arose all by itself out of inanimate matter - which is laughable nonsense.


Fossils are rare.


It’s only “nonsense” because you somehow feel threatened by it.

I think it fits perfectly with the notion that we were called forth from the dirt which is presented in Genesis.


Not really. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve found scores of T Rexes.

If what you say is right, we should find fossils of currently extant species all the time. But barring a few rarities like crocs, a few fish or a ginko tree, we virtually never do.


“Evolution is the greatest engine of atheism ever invented” - William Provine.


Is there a reason why I should care what William Provine says about the subject?

Among the vast, vast majority of the college educated, the ToE is agreed as the best explanation for how life today came to be.

Let’s not hide behind quotes. Let’s use our faculties.


Knowledge is not theories or beliefs, but facts. I didn’t know it is a fact that all life on earth descended from a common ancestor via a natural process of biological evolution.


Its not a fact, per se. It’s just the most reputable and credible theory for it.


All found human fossils could fit on a 4’ x 8’ table.

Rapid burial is what forms fossils. How often do we have events that cause such rapid burial?


College indoctrinated might be a better term. And this was willingly paid for. What a master coup.


But, we also didn’t find any transitional fossils stages that led up to Tyrannosaurs .


To be sure, all human fossils in history could fit on the head of a pin - there aren’t any.


The modern synthesis is pretty much gone and the top evo’s know it. It is slow to percolate down to the colleges, etc.


Yes we have. Timurlengia Eutoica is one example.


Could you explain this in more depth, please?


I have, so many times, it is exhausting. Search my posts. There are many.


If you’re not going to further clarify when you refer to something cryptic like modern synthesis then you should refrain from posting it in the first place


That’s evolutionist interpretation of these bones.

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