Why you should think that the Natural-Evolution of species is true


This is just a commonsense argument.

If God created species, then apart from animals that have gone extinct, all the animals that exist today should be no different from when they were first created; there should be no new species. So it should be true that the Platypus has always existed for as long as there have been animals. From the moment animals existed they ought to be identical to the animals that live today. The evidence does not bare out that cl;aim.

So while one might not want to take evolution as fact, i think one can think that it is the most likely origin of species when compared to the biblical 7 day creation explanation…


Oh boy.


We have a few active threads going on this already.

But since you pick on monotremes , let’s discuss the thylacine , even though it’s not a monotreme


At a physical level, animals have built-in capacities within their DNA as well as those cellular structures and processes that are involved in replication and reproduction, to express diversity in their contribution to the formation of the environment of which they are a part. So, as the environment interacts with them and as they both change within their relationship, we expect there to be changes.

They exist as psychological beings so that the search for the perfect mate, instilled in their “dreams” results in the formation of such creatures such as peacocks. Those aspects of their genetic and epigenetic functioning that are related to a specific image of beauty in the phenotype, are utilized in the formation of that form. Another reason why not to expect uniformity.

Ultimately, we are speaking of particular beings. Organisms that exist as an object in reality as themselves. Each one is a unique expression of its kind, an individual manifestation of a kind of soul which organizes and uses it’s physical components to be what it is, do what it does (instinctively perceive, feel, and behave), to fulfill its particular purpose, ultimately for all to reveal the glory, the power, beauty and creativity that is God. Here too, although there exists an eternal underlying order, one which was brought into existence in a step-wise series of creative events, stopping after the sixth “day”, it would hardly be expected that nothing new would happen after that.


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