this has probably been discussed, but why do false private revelations sound so similar to the real ones? (except for a point or two which makes them false and heretical ;))

Is it to confuse people, so that they’d either fall into heresy, OR, reject the real revelations along with the false ones because of their similarity?

I just came across something called the “poem of the Man-God” which was rejected by the Church, because its theology is so wrong. It actually contains a lot of heresy… :frowning: very sad… but I was reading what the “visionary” there said about Mary, and some parts sound so much like what the Saints said as well, but one part is very very wrong.

Is that how the devil works? he takes the truth and twists it slightly and puts in a little lie?

Certainly the first is true, but I bet the second is probably true also. This is similar to how in the Old Testament, the prophets of Baal would cry “peace” and “victory,” while the prophet of God would say “war,” and “judgment.” The false prophets try to drown out the true ones, much as many of the modern false apparitions today try to give relativistic philosophies accepting everybody no matter what they believe, or claim that most people are going to Heaven, comforting things that have no real truth in them.

Yes. Also, lies lead to lies just as truth to truth and grace to grace. Evil leads to deeper evil, always, so what might start small rapidly gains deeper gravity. Praise God He gives us the grace we need to help us persevere in Him and come ever deeper into our spiritual home until we join Him in Heaven.

Satan works to confuse, to harm, and to lead astray through any means necessary.

His most common work is confusion, and this is commonly through mixing truth and lie, either a little of both or a lot of truth with little lies or vica-versa.

But there is a way to know truth from lie and humility from false humility: knowledge and obedience. The more you know Christ, the better you are prepared to fight the dragon with Him. The more someone is obedient to the Lord, the more you know they are humble.

For example, if a man was to tell you that Mary is a holy virgin assumed into Heaven, would you believe him? No! Mary is the Mother of God, and that is what is left out. He might even suggest in a coy way that Mary isn’t even a mother.

Or, if a man was to make wonderful statements and bring good news to the poor, but he did not submit himself to the local bishop, would you believe he is holy? No! Holiness begins with obedience, for a soul who is humble and loves God obeys His Commandments, such as “Honor thy father and thy mother.” He might even suggest he is being obedient to God, but you know he isn’t.

good points! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

satan mixes half truths and lies to confuse and draw you away from truth. if you have a private revelation and have concernes whether it comes from god it probably does not come from him. st john of the cross in his ascent of mount carmel shows how to tell if a vision comes from god or satan or our own imagination he can explain better than most other people on disernment of spirits

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