The Media Companies say that violence and sex sell well.
So, they produce it.
So, it means that we are prone to violence and fascinated by sex.
Why do you think we are this way?


Yep, we live in a fallen world.

*Because most people love the darkness more than the light.

*Because some people call darkness light. (gay “love”, killing a baby in the womb because if it lived he would have a ‘hard’ life, the “if it makes me feel good then it is good” mentality, believing they’re in ‘love’ when its really lust, showing off your faith with a non humble way when its really show off pride… etc. etc.)

*Because we are truly broken and desperately need The Savior Jesus Christ.

**Concupiscence. **

straightforward. I agree.

Because they’re not Christian, and outside Christianity, this is how the world is.


Christians are no different. All humans are drawn to the darkness. Christianity simply makes us aware of the danger and provides tools to resist.

Dale. That’s the kind of thing that someone who’s always been a Christian, and takes it for granted, would say.

There was a time in my life when I was an atheist. Christianity isn’t an ever-present thing for many people. Some people don’t have it. Many people don’t have it. Some people who know about it, many people who know about it, don’t practice it at all.

Without Christianity, the world drops back to its ground state. People are inherently sinful and can be vicious and that’s a fact. Without Christianity, the whole thing turns into ****. And pretty quickly.

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