WHY ?????

Why do I have to christen my child just ONLY at the place of residence? And if I don’t want to make it by the priest who abused my wife,my family??? Can I make it at another church,at another priest? And MUST I to get some resolution from somebody???

You can have your child baptized at any parish you choose (so long as that parish permits). What do you mean by “resolution?”

There is more to it than saying you can have your baby baptized at any parish you choose. If call the parish office to request that the priest baptize your baby this weekend, you will be disappointed. Prior to a baptism, the parents will be expected to take some kind of baptismal classes, and may even be required to become members of the parish.

That being said, you do not have to have this particular priest baptize your baby nor do you need his permission to go elsewhere. Just call the parish office of the church you wish to go to, and ask them what the process is for having your baby baptized.

A more important question: depending on what type of abuse it is, has the priest been reported for abuse to the appropriate legal and ecclesiastical authorities? If he is removed, that may solve the problem for you.


Not to doubt the OP, or even question him, but we (the readers of that post) shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that there has been any physical, sexual or otherwise criminal abuse. For instance the might have been heated words exchanged between two parties.

That is why I prefixed my post with “depending on what type of abuse”.


There is no obligation to attend only the parish closest to you, although that is the norm for many people. If you want to have your child baptized in another parish, I’m thinking it would expedite the process if you went and registered in that church before you make an appointment with the priest to discuss baptism. Registration may vary, depending on the parish, but usually it is as simple as filling out a form and/or picking up Sunday offering envelopes.

We’ve had most of our kids baptized at our parish, although one of them came along when we had a particularly bad priest. The first time I called to schedule her baptism, I was told no. I wasn’t given a reason or any other dates to choose from. I called again and was told that each of the dates I picked were booked. I was then given a couple more no’s and a couple more sorry-those-dates-are-booked’s. I finally called the priest at the parish where I grew up, explained the situation and he got us in without any problem.

Catholic means universal.

While we normally look to our local parish for the Sacraments, we can request them at any parish. As a stranger to that priest, he would want to assure himself that you do understand what you are asking and are ready to provide spiritual guidance to your child. Thus he may ask you to attend a Baptismal Prep class. If that priest asked why here and not in your home parish, you can just reply you are not comfortable with that priest and you want the Sacrament performed by a priest you do have a good relationship with. I would not go further into the reasons why.

It is always good to pray for those whom we dislike, but it is not necessary to do ‘business’ with them. If you believe some prior incident bordered on criminal, you should report it to the Bishop. But remember, no matter how strongly you feel you are right and he is wrong, you should keep your incident private and let the Bishop sort it out. Just as you would not want to be publically falsely accussed, others should be accorded that same protection. Tell his boss, the Bishop, and tell no one else.

Sorry,I mean it is “permission”,and it is a permission from a priest of my little city.So said to me a priest who I want to baptize my child.From his words I understood that I cannot baptize at ANY parish I want.
I live at West Ukraine…

Oh, okay. Thank you for the clarification. As the poster above said, Catholic means universal. You can receive the sacraments at any parish; however, you should check with your diocese and see what the rules are for your area. They should be able to help you.

While not every Pastor makes a fuss about it, canonically we need our Pastor’s permission to have our children baptized in another parish or by another priest

Can. 862 Except in a case of necessity, it is unlawful for anyone without due permission to confer baptism outside his own territory, not even upon his own subjects.

Our parish population is quite mobile: RCMP, military, teachers who only come for a few years, etc. Because they move so often, their ‘base’ is often the parish where they grew up or where their parents live and when they have children that’s where they want to have them baptized. When I’ve prepared those parents for baptism, the letter I give them certifying that they’ve done preparation also includes the Pastor’s permission for an ‘out of parish’ Baptism.

I have to admit that I never knew that when I had my children. We were a military family and I went home to have the first two baptized and the Pastor back home never said he needed anyone’s permission.

While this might be true where you are, canon law gives our territorial parish responsibility/jurisdiction over our sacraments (especially of initiation). I personally am in pursuit of a letter of delegation for a baptism. This letter gives the new parish permission to perform the sacraments, the territorial priest is “delegating” his duty to the new parish/priest. The letters are often needed for marriages too. So depending on what rules the diocese is enforcing, he might not be able to go anywhere for baptism.

Exactly, I agree. That is why I suggested the OP contact the diocese in her area to find out what the rules are in that location.

If the priest he wants to do the baptism has already said he can’t do it without the Pastor’s permission, I think you can safely assume that the Ukraine does not have the parish hopping/shopping that we have in North America.

Right now Ihave got an “answer” from some priest in our region .That it is.“Because Baptism should be in the parish to which you are assigned. Or, with the permission of the rector of your parish - in another parish. In this case, the document is sent to the baptism of his native parish.” It mean that I will NEVER cannot baptize a child without PERMISSION!! oF COURSE,our PRIEST never GIVE THIS PERMISSION…FOR HIM THIS IS -MONEY.
Who has made those “RULES”???

Question: are you Latin or Eastern rite? This may be a factor (especially if this is due to a difference between Latin and Eastern rite codes of canon law), considering that most of us on this forum are Latin rite and live in the US.


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