WHY ?????


Why is Eastern Catholicism a magnet for all the spam? :confused::confused:

It’s coincidence that I saw this. Please assume any message to a moderator made on the forums will go unread. A private message is the best way to discuss moderation issues. :thumbsup:

Eastern Catholicism gets a small percentage of the spam. What usually happens is one spammer hits the board with 3-6 threads at once. Those threads stay until a moderator notices and deletes them. It’s a testament to how hard the moderators work that it is removed so quickly and efficiently. Many spammers don’t even get the chance to post before they’re banned.

I’m confused why this was brought up now when there’s no spam on the board, but I hope this answered your question. Please feel free to PM me if it didn’t.

May God Bless You Abundantly,
Catherine Grant
Eastern Catholicism Moderator

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