Why do Catholics argue with other religions ?

some Catholics argue with people from other religions for similar reasons members of other religions argue with us.

But the real reason is because we are all sinners. Remember, the Catholic Church is not a museum of saints, it’s a hospital for sinners.

God Bless

I don’t know what you mean. Catholics are SUPPOSED to be ready to give a defense for the hope that is in them (1 Peter 3:15) and we are told to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19), and we can’t very well do that if we don’t engage someone. Are some ways of evangelisation less charitable than others? Yes! In fact, I was at a pro-life rally in my state capital and there was a guy holding a sign that said “Roman Catholicism is not the Christianity of the Bible”. I sent over a friend from the Legion of Mary to talk to him. What happened then is private (and I don’t know anyway), but the Legion of Mary does a lot better job of bringing the gospel to people using their tactics than I would say that guy does. I also recall seeing, a few weeks ago, when I was up in Central, SC (in spite of its name, it is in the upstate) a guy with a sticker on his truck that said something about Mormons being Morons (I also saw the sticker that said the name of his church). There are definitely wrong ways to evangelise. But simply debating, and explaining your position, I think, is perfectly fine.

Why do other religions argue with Catholics?

Because they are there?

I don’t know. Arguing is not imitating Christ. I have no desire to argue with anyone’s religion.

Can you give an example?

Here is a parallel question. Why do other religions kill Catholics?

Like protestants and family I have this problem. I cant even talk about my faith b/c I went to Catholicism from being brought up Methodist it stinks

In the most basic sense, “to argue” means to engage in logical debate. The Catholic Church (at least the Latin Church) has a long relationship with philosophy, of which logic is a branch. And she uses logic to spread and defend the Good News.


Oh my … saddened you’re going through this situation.

This is supposed to be a beautiful time for you, please don’t let others “rain on your parade” … sounds like they need prayer.

My husband, who was the closest thing to an agnostic when I met him 20+ years ago, (couldn’t even mention “God” to him), will be received in the Catholic Church soon. It’s been such a humbling experience watching the Holy Spirit work in him. I’ve had a front row seat to witnessing a miracle.

Please you will be added to my prayer list and I will add you to the Prayer Basket during my hour on Tuesdays in the Adoration Chapel. :gopray2:

My Dad fusses about Catholics sometimes, which he did not used to do. I think maybe there is some anxiety there on his part now that he is in his 80s. I just ignore it, and I pray for him. He is a professed atheist, now entering panic mode, or worry mode. I hope that he is able to come around, realize God, and repent.

I don’t mind DISCUSSING Catholicism, I don’t argue.

I don’t mind DISCUSSING Catholicism, I don’t argue.


We generally don’t, but an awful lot of n-Cs do insist on jumping us with all kinds of crazy accusations and misunderstandings of what we believe. Get used to it.

Apologetics is explaining and defending what we believe.

Check out My Testimony

To dialogue in peace with others is very good. Pray beforehand so this can happen.

If the conversation gets testy it should end.

I don’t think you’re reading the Bible because if you were you would have noticed the part where Jesus got into debates with the Pharisees

I certainly don’t disagree with you. I know though that some anti-Catholics will see that as a sign of weakness

The whole world seems to argue with one another.

Because that’s what humans do,
Humans will argue about anything & Everything
That’s what makes us Unboreing

Because there’s a lot of folks who offer objections to our religion.

And because we’re commanded to always have a defense for our beliefs.

And because it’s fun.

And enlightening.

And strengthening.

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