Why don’t some religions, though Christian, not believe in Mother Mary’s maternal love and protection??

I have been priviledged to witness a few religious meetings wherein Mother came and spoke to us. She uses instruments, you know. For those who don’t believe, I advise you read the Medjugorjie Sentinel…

I need answers… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hello Katriz,

I don’t mean to be uncharitable but I think you’re the
victim of an elaborate hoax. How did you supposedly hear Mary speak to you?

My advice, avoid Medjugorje!

God bless,


On the basic question of why people of other faiths don’t believe in Our Mother’s love and protection, it’s because they’ve rejected the fact that Mary was sinless, and thus should not be honored.

What they fail to realize is that the Christian tradition recognized Mary’s sinlessness and love early on in Christianity. Her actions to accept God’s will to bear His Son; she was made perfect (sinless) in order to bear Him, as foretold in the Old Testament. Because of this, she serves as the prime example on how we should approach God and live by His commands. She is close to God now - she can help us - always have, always will.

As for the issue about Medjugorje and other unapproved Marian apparitions, I would take this with a strong sense of caution. Many claim publically to have the Mother of God speak to them, but we have to be certain that they fall in line with church doctrine. That can only come about through the determination and approval of the Vatican.


That can only come about through the determination and approval of the Vatican.

The approval of the local bishop I’d say…


I heard one non-catholic pastor say, “It’s unfornately that we only honor Mary during Christmas then put her on a shelf or disreguard her all together.” When asked him about that statement, he continued, “Because we don’t people to think we are Catholics.”


If you have questions or comments about approved instances where Mary has been seen- feel free to discuss them. Otherwise we ask that you not discuss private revelations you may have had.

Thank you for your cooperation.



I don’t believe in your private revelation, why should I, and I don’t believe in Medjugore because the Church has not approved it. That says absolutely nothing about my belief about Mary the Mother of God, please do not presume to comment on my beliefs. I also do not believe in breaking forum rules to discuss private unapproved revelations.
I also do not believe in posting threads with titles that do not reflect the content.

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