Wicca: Just how dangerous is it?

Hey everyone. At one time I used to be a Wiccan. A Wiccan is basically a witch. Wicca is an Occult religion although some will disagree with that. Most will agree that it is a Neopagan religion. That said, just how spiritually dangerous is Wicca? Considering that it is at least related to the Occult, isn’t there a danger of demonic possession and other problems for practitioners?

Hi Holly,

Yes, there are dangers involved whenever you open yourself up to that world. A door can be opened that permits fallen spirits to attach themselves to certain persons and places. The wise saying has always been to stay away, and even flee from such things. Fallen spirits are very deceptive, and can pretend to be anyone, even one a loved one trying to contact you.

I have a friend who was wiccan, and interestingly enough, back when he practiced it he didn’t experience anything paranormal. But when he returned to the faith, he suddenly experienced poltergiest type events. A shelf full of holy statues and images had the objects mysteriously thrown off by an invisible hand. So yes, it is certainly dangerous. Im sure you’ve went to confession, and taken necessry actions to remove any association you may have had.

Wicca and any form of dealing with the occult is extremely dangerous. It opens yourself up to evil happenings, and even those around you can be affected.

Wiccans don’t believe in the one, true God. That alone is enough to increase satanic and other evil influences.

You haven’t experienced anything since converting have you?

It seems to be like leaving a wide door open for demons. I’d much rather leave a wide open door for God’s Angels to come into my life.

Why? Have things been happening to you since your conversion? If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. If so, go to confession and get it off your chest, I suppose. Do priests do house blessings? Perhaps getting one done for you will set your mind at ease.

Hi Holly,
For your spiritual concern, go to confession, mass and wear a blessed St. Benedict Medal. Also make sure to say a rosary daily, the devil HATES the rosary. I’m happy that, as a Catholic, you are able to receive communion daily, I also recommend going to weekday masses if you can.

As for possessions, confession and mass will heal your soul. :slight_smile:

Back to your question, I knew a girl (about 5-6 years ago) who was a Wiccan (now a spiritual agnostic, more or less), she claimed to encounter ghosts/demons, do spells, practice white magic etc. I’m still very concerned about her to this day.

I also know a woman in her fifties who claims Wicca isn’t magic. She’s a witch (more or less) but has never stated she has experienced ghosts/demons. I’m also very concerned for her.

God Bless and may the holy spirit dwell in you and be with you always. :signofcross::highprayer:

That’s like asking exactly how much poison can I drink before I die.

Yes it is dangerous and should always be shunned. Any and all occult practices are dangerous, as are any and all non-Christian religions, because they are now and always were inventions of the devil and his servants.

Stay far away and run for your life.

God Bless


Non-christian religions were invented by the devil? Are you kidding me??

Don’t you guys READ???


That’s not what was being suggested. Wicca worships other strange false gods and some try to contact spirits and demons. This is forbidden by the Church.

There is only one God, Wiccans deny that. Wiccanism dabbles in the occult, which is also forbidden by Mother Church.

It’s Satanic, and this has little to do with the Declaration which mainly focusses on Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, et al.

Well, do you at least accept some of the denominations of Protestantism, which are Christian religions? Or do you believe they too are “inventions of the devil and his servants”?

Of course it was.

“Any and all occult practices are dangerous, **as are any and all non-Christian religions, because they are now and always were inventions of the devil and his servants.” **

**Actually, Satanism springs from Christianity. In many, many other religions, there is no Satan. Most Wiccans simply do not believe in Satan. Have you ever asked any? **

Don’t have to ask a Wiccan I can ask myself having been a practicing witch in the past. And no I did not believe in a personal devil, but the very fact that Wicca teaches there is no Devil is part of the reason it should be shunned because such a teaching is dangerous beyond belief to the immortal souls of those duped into believing it.

Concerning denominationalism two questions were raised as one.

I think God will gather His people from the Earth by any means He sees fit and it is not by human wisdom that He will do so. I do not believe a person will be held accountable for not having heard the Name of Christ (assuming they have not heard the Name of Christ) but that does not excuse anyone for rejecting the Natural Knowledge of God that all men have.

But that is not a question of denominations.

I think it is beyond a stretch for any denomination to call itself “true” absolutely because corruption enters everywhere and for this reason there is no Church in which every person is going to Heaven. However I think that the Gospel, even clouded as it may be in many quarters of Christendom, is still the power of God unto salvation and therefore able to save even veiled and blended and confused with Law in every sermon and meeting.

Once again it is the grace of God that saves not the sign on the front door.

And why should I not say the confusion that has been sown by multiplied religions, denominations and crass syncretism being couched as “religious studies” is a work of the Devil? Scripture is clear that God does not author confusion and in every corner (and most seminaries) students are taught that religion is all pretty much the same and its a big tent with room for everyone, but the simple fact that one statement generated so much furor is proof that is not true.

The simple fact is, it is not the similarities that make a religion true but rather the quality of its truth claims, and as soon as a truth claim is made; it is made to the absolute exclusion of all other truth claims.

Therefore there really is only one truth, and if all religions are on equal footing then there is no God and they are all false.

But if any truth claim is true then all other truth claims are lies, and lies do not originate with God.


I am persuaded the truth claims of Christianity are true.

Therefore I am also persuaded that all non-Christian religions ARE inventions of Satan and his followers. Even though they may be deceived and well meaning and trying help, that only proves the folly of human wisdom, and should shame the Church to ever greater outreach and evangelism.

God Bless

I wince when Catholics say things like that. Catholicism is quite clear that all people receive the natural law, God’s law written into each human heart. Catholicism is also quite clear that we were made to seek God. It obviously follows that humans will create religions that incorporate some degree of the truth they have received. Those religions will also incorporate some degree of error, sometimes horrific error (Aztecs anyone?).

You were exactly right to post your link.

I hate Wicca. I worry about Wiccans. I have seen it cause nothing but heartache and horror. It is destructive, sinful and opens up the practioner to so much evil and harm.

I work with a girl who’s all into the occult garbage, and she started with Wicca, and practices magic and proudly tells me about her “satanic bible” and “wiccan spell books”. Her personality in the past two years that I’ve known her has gone from being quite cheerful and happy to one that’s nasty, mean spirited and depressed. The worst thing is she’s spreading this nonsense around.

It’s like a plauge.

Christ has the victory. Let us pray that His victory is manifest in the lives of all Wiccans so they may see the truth of his victory and message.

You know, your first comment seemed sensible but then, you wrote this garbage.

Satanism does not spring from Christianity-no matter how many times you say it or how erudite your dissertations- it is still a lie. And you know who the father of lies is…yes Lucifer/Satan.

Most wiccans simply don’t have a clue or-they do have a clue and are following the impulses of Lucifer who will inculcate the strategy of " the devil doesn’t exist". So that, he is freer to roam and tempt and seduce and possess without the perception of his presence.

There is nothing that a wiccan can say or do to make me want to solicite their opinion or advice or teachings. Their’s is a doctrine of devils and a philosophy of Lucifer.

You and others tempted by this evil, would be very well advised to stay away from it and other doctrines of demons.

I don’t think so. One of my cousins is one and she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I don’t believe in magic or spells anyways. But, has it even been proven to work? and If so, it is probably highly satanic.

I do remember seeing a guy in an interview named Anton LaVey who wrote the Satanic bible. Apparently one time he cast a spell on some lady who ‘wronged’ him. Well, a few minutes later she died in a car crash by being impaled.

Just a coincidence? I don’t know. I think magic and spells are a bit ‘far fetched’. And if they really worked, I assume lots people would be trying to do it.

Garbage? Why, thank you, how kind of you to say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Satan is from the Judeo-Christian world view. You deny this?? That’s where it came from! It didn’t spring from older religions, it sprang from Judeo-Christian teachings.

Then you refuse to follow the teachings of the Pope and the Catholic Church, therefore you are not really Catholic, either. Which means your beliefs are inventions of Satan and his followers. Because sure as God made little green apples, the Catholic Church still wrote NOSTRA AETATE.

Why do Catholics always want to have their cake and eat it too?

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