What is Wiccan witchcraft all about?


Sandra Miesel wrote a very helpful article titled The Witches Next Door in the June 2002 issue of Crisis. Here is her nutshell explanation of Wicca:

“Wicca – the most popular form of the new paganism – is an initiatory mystery religion that attempts to re-create the ancient religions of western Europe. Its usual deities are the Horned God and the Triple Goddess – Maid, Mother, and Crone. (A few Wiccans see a non-gendered Oneness behind the pair.) Other characteristics include three degrees of initiation, use of ceremonial magic, rituals begun with a circle drawn by a female and subsequently divided into symbolic quarters, and leadership by a high priestess who can ‘draw down the moon,’ temporarily incarnating her goddess. The high priest may incarnate the god. Practices vary so widely, however, that only general remarks can be offered here – any of which some Wiccans might dispute.”

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