I’m wondering- how are Wiccans generally treated on this site, if we were to engage in discussion and be respectful of other religions?

Or, actually, how are most other religions treated on this site? Are most people respectful with other respectful people? To actually make this a discussion, what do you think (positively) of other religions, whatever religion you identify yourself as? (Values, definition of a sin, common stances, etc.)

Haven’t you heard? We Catholics burn witches at the stake. :smiley: :wink:

Seriously, though, I think you’ll find most people here to be very respectful. Expect a healthy amount of lively disagreement, though. These forums are pretty heavily moderated, so the atmosphere is one of the most controlled I’ve seen.

Welcome aboard!

It would be interesting to learn more about Wicca and hopefully have the opportunity to share my faith with you as well. I hope that you are welcomed warmly here and treated with respect.

Almost nobody is rude, but almost nobody is going to agree with you on most issues either. Welcome to the site.

No offence, but how do you intend on debating, anyway? Wicca has no canon of scripture, no formal creed, etc. Most things are made up as you go. So what will be your source for debates? Your own opinions and experiences? :confused:

Everyone is welcome here. As long as the discussion is respectful and you aren’t here to convert anyone you shouldn’t have a problem. Some of my favorite posters are atheists.

Welcome to CAF

Welcome!:slight_smile: What is wicca:confused:

You know… It’s the stuff they make Wicker Baskets from.:wink:

I think the replies you got so far about sums it up! Some will be curious, some will be comical, some will want to debate and may do so with various degrees of courtesy.

I have at least one friend and many more acquaintances who are Wiccan, and I learned a bit about it from Star Hawk (Miriam Simos) as I was working with her mother on a retirement housing thing and got curious. She is a priestess (high priestess?) in Wicca. My friend, who is just an ordinary Wiccan is a lovely lady, kind and compassionate and caring. She is respectful of my being Catholic and I of her own journey. I pray for her and she for me.

Welcome to CAF!

Capricornus - why did you leave the Catholic Church? Be specific so that folks on the forum can respond. God bless you.


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