wiccan and catholic getten married


okay im wiccan and have been for years and my fiance’ is catholic…i jst want some opinions on if its wrong to do or not


wow…obviously not in a Catholic church is what I am thinking!


CCC 1635 According to the law in force in the Latin Church, a mixed marriage needs for liceity the express permission of ecclesiastical authority. In case of disparity of cult an express dispensation from this impediment is required for the validity of the marriage. This permission or dispensation presupposes that both parties know and do not exclude the essential ends and properties of marriage; and furthermore that the Catholic party confirms the obligations, which have been made known to the non-Catholic party, of preserving his or her own faith and ensuring the baptism and education of the children in the Catholic Church.

CCC 1633 In many countries the situation of a mixed marriage (marriage between a Catholic and a baptized non-Catholic) often arises. It requires particular attention on the part of couples and their pastors. A case of marriage with disparity of cult (between a Catholic and a non-baptized person) requires even greater circumspection.


From the USCCB:

In addition to meeting the criteria for a valid Catholic marriage (see question #3), the Catholic must seek permission from the local bishop to marry a non-Catholic. If the person is a non-Catholic Christian, this permission is called a “permission to enter into a mixed marriage.” If the person is a non-Christian, the permission is called a “dispensation from disparity of cult.” Those helping to prepare the couple for marriage can assist with the permission process.

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Going into the marriage there will be some seriously fundamental differences on the understanding of the purpose of life, marriage, sex, family, etc.

Y’all can get married, as with any marriage your husband needs to get the proper permission. Given the fact that you’re a non-Catholic the difference is called disparity of cult.

There is a process of marriage preparation that ususally takes some time, 6 months or something.

Despite what the other poster said the ceremony can take place in a Catholic church.

Since sex is holy, ordered towards life, he can not frustrate the procreative aspect of sex by using condoms or sterilizing himself.

Your husband is obligated to raise his children Catholic.

Different philosophies, even among two Christian denominations or a lax and ardant Catholic can cause a lot of strife in the home and can make things very difficult.

In Short:
It is not a sin, but I would reccomend agaisnt it because of incompatible philosophies.


I don’t know reborn. If your fiance is a devout Catholic I see a lot of disagreements and headaches in the future. I certainly don’t wish this upon you, but if some Catholic/protestant marriages have their problems, I couldnt imagine how difficult this may be.

God bless


Ok, first off, Congrats. Secondly, It depends whether your fiance is a fundamentalist Catholic, or he is a nonpracticing one. If he is devout, I see afew problems arising as to HOW the marriage is going to take place, ie, Wiccan handfasting, or Big CC do. what religion your kids will have, if it is acceptable for them to go to church whilst you do rituals, things like that.
If they are just Catholic, but not practicing, I think that only one or 2 of the main problems wil arise. perhaps for the wedding, it should be a registery office do, with a large, nondenominational party afterwards. Remember, don’t impose your religion on them, but don’t let them walk all over you in terms of religion. perhaps, if you want kids, leave them until the age when they can make the choice (10, 11, 12) if they want to be Wiccan or not.
P.S, Best of luck, and I wish you a happy engagemnet and marriage.
Love, Wammy


If there are going to be children, one of your responsibilities is properly nourishing their spiritual life. This means “imposing” a religion on them. It’s going to be difficult if daddy is a devout Catholic and mommy is saying that’s all garbage. It’s really hard when mommy’s wiccan religion teaches that spell casting is okay and daddy’s religion teaches that sorcery is evil. And if you’re not going to have kids, what’s the point of getting married? Also, a handfasting ritual often has a time limit on it, like 9 years. If you do that, there’s no way the Church can recognize it as a valid marriage. We see marriage as permanent. Especially because there are usually children involved in marriage.
As a former wiccan, i can tell you that i realized i would never have the marriage i wanted if my husband and i were not united in our spiritual lives. I asked God to explain to me how all that the Church teaches could be true because i was pro-contraception, pro-anything not Catholic. I started reading with an open heart and in a short time, i was ready to change. I don’t know if you are thinking about conversion, but don’t do it unless you know in your heart why the Catholic Church is right in what she teaches. If you are not thinking about conversion, don’t bother with the marriage. I don’t mean to sound cold, but it will not work out. And you have very little hope of raising a kid to believe in either wicca or Catholicism. When you teach a child that either religion is valid, they come to think that it doesn’t matter what you believe or if you believe. I see that as a failure of parenthood.
Chris Rock had a very funny segment in his stand-up act where he talks about how men and women have to be the same on important issues. You can’t be like, “Bye, Honey, i’m off to church!” "Okay, i’ll be here hitting the crack pipe!"
I would listen to him.:thumbsup:


I don’t think its “wrong” to be married to a catholic or for him to marry you. As long as you respect each other then its fine.

I have to agree with the person who brought up children as a point. In my opinion, you shouldn’t raise children in home with two religions. Its too hard on the kids. Having kids is about raising kids and that should be the soul focus.

So I say go for it and get tubes tied or seriously reconsider…unless one of you converts whole heartedly.



I’ve never heard of such a thing.


I’ve never heard of such a thing.

I think s/he means orthodox or practicing Catholic.

I have to say it seems to me like a very difficult situation. Even if he’s not practicing now who’s to say he won’t when he’s older? Practicing Catholics are required to get married in The Church and promise to raise the kids Catholic (just fyi in case he’s practicing now). That means the kids have to be baptised, confirmed, attend mass and confession, and believe that God disapproves of witchcraft.


I would guess that the fiance is not a serious or practicing Catholic. It’s hard to believe that a devout Catholic would have a desire to marry someone involved in wicca.


. . . umm, this just SOUNDS like a bad idea. Slow-motion train wreck a’comin!


Sure does. As pointed out, it’s not exactly banned although there are a few conditions. But if my son or daughter was considering such a thing I would certainly tell them to reconsider or at least wait. My daughter has a non-Catholic boyfriend - but he is in RCIA.


okay jst to get it clear…im a guy, and my fiance’ is a girl lol i’ve had to many mistakes on this thing


Wow, talk about sexism in ourselves. I had visions of the exact opposite in my mind.


I was taught in high school French that fiance was the male and fiancee was the female, that’s why I assumed it that way. Sorry though!


Just a point of information, since your finace is Catholic, he must be married in the Catholic Church if the Church is to recognize the marriage. If the Church does not recognize his marriage, then your finace cannot recieve communion untill you are married in a Catholic Church before a priest.
So, I have some questions.
1 Are you willing to be married in the Catholic Church?
2 Do you have any plans to raise the children in either religion, or in any religion? How would you feel if your spouse wanted your children to be baptized?
3 Would you be willing to go through pre-marital counceling in the Church?
Just some things to think about.
More importantly, how seriously does your fiance take your faith? Does he attend Mass every week? Does he want to baptize his children in the Catholic Church?


This seriously makes me wonder how much you people know about wicca. I mean, seriously, seriously wonder if you understand the religion at all or if you just said, uh-oh, witch!

As for the question, I’d say go for it as long as you two aren’t imposing the religions on each other unwillingly. In my experience Wicca and Christianity (in general) can get along rather fabulously, it just takes a little tolerance. Both religions teach good morals, it’s not like the wife is devout and teh husband is a baby-killer.

And as for the kids, raise them with a little of both and let them decide when they get older. In my experience tehy’ll end up more open-minded and less likely to hate people ofother religions.


Sorry. I know more girls than guys who practice wiccan or pagan religions, so I sometimes think “girl” when I hear wiccan or pagan.

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