So, what are all of your opinions on Wiccan/Pagan beliefs? Just wondering, since I face discrimination based on my religion (Wicca) from many Catholic churches. Nasty stares, rude comments, outright lies and once, someone even went as far as to try and convert me on the public bus. Just wondering why so many people are against it, and why.


Why would anyone know what you believe unless you told them what you believe?


I agree with the previous poster here- are you wearing your religion on your sleave? With regard to your question, any type of polytheism is not looked upon with favour by the Holy Church. The rituals, values, and beliefs which these groups hold/partake in are not compatible with Catholic faith and are, at times, likened with Satanism. Ih ope that helps you, and I also hope that you seriously contemplate your faith. Praying for you, 031064.


My opinion? It is a false religion and those who follow it are mistaken. Sorry that you seem to have had a bit of a hard time from other people, but you asked our opinion, and I’ve given mine.

God bless



Actually thats a fair point, do you go into Catholic churches with a ‘‘Hail to the goddess’’ T-shirt? If so that might explain a little :stuck_out_tongue:


We would not have anything against you, but would want you to love God the way we do or more, so that you can have what we have. You are probably happy in what you are doing now but that won’t last. We have seen it many times and know that you are missing out on the beauty and peace of christianity. Is that what you are asking?


No. I wear a small Wiccan symbol (the Pentagram) on a necklace. I do not go around screaming, " I AM A WICCAN! HEAR ME ROAR!"

A woman on the bus recognized the symbol, asked me several questions, then proceeded with her actions.

Mind if I shoot your question back at you?
If you wear a cross, aren’t you making the statement that you are a Catholic?


Because it worship creation instead of the creator, false gods, and in some cases is involved in the evil side of spirituality, from what I understand.


If a Catholic wears a cross, perhaps. However Protestants wear crosses too, and people with no religious affiliation. I know Hindus and Sikhs who wear rosaries with no thought at all to the religious implications.


A lot of Christians believe that pagans are surrounded by demonic forces. When I was an openly practicing pagan, some friends and I were discussing a book at a bookstore coffee shop, and suddenly we were surrounded by Christians praying loudly over us trying to get us to leave, or whatever. More recently, I got this from some Catholics on another forum who flipped out at the suggestion that pagans should be considered with compassion - they told me that any Catholic who does this is opening him/herself up to magical attacks and all that silliness. I think this is what you’re getting from people, too.

I have now rejected paganism, but I have not fallen victim to the idea that pagans aren’t human, too. I now understand that Christianity is the true faith and that pagans (especially Western neo-pagans) are in grave error. But I wouldn’t treat you differently from anyone else, or be frightened of you, or do anything but try to present a good Christian witness in the manner of St. Francis: “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.”


Maybe try for just a moment to think in a perspective such as this,

   Catholics are brought up to not only love Christ, and God, but also each other, the entirety of humanity. Some symbols the are a representation of negative acts or may cause spiritual harm are as in must Christian faith's frowned upon. We are also taught to be accepting and understanding to each others faith, as mislead as some may be. 

    Meditate and answer this; Q. If you had an anchor wrapped around your neck, and this anchor was the only thing causing your descent from the gates of heaven what would you do? 

    As Catholics we are all given the knowledge and resources for our own salvation, if if we make a conscious decision to ignore the guides and tools provided for our salvation, we are in effect condemning ourself. 

     If I were on that bus giving my knowledge and the history of the charm you wear around your neck I would not place judgment, for it is not my place to do so. I would want to make sure you understood the spiritual negativity that the charm represents. 
     If you decided to continue wearing it, you would now be consciously make a choice, by the power of free will bestowed upon us by our creator who will pass judgment when our day comes. 

God Bless, and I pray that you find the answer that leads to your eternal happiness. :wink:


Over something as benign as wearing a symbol on a necklace, I wouldn’t even make a comment to a complete stranger.

That being said, do a lot of people honestly even recognize the Pentogram? Are you saying that you go into a Catholic church with this little necklace on, and people start staring and making rude comments?


Something related to this. Why are you going into the churches? Is it out of interest in Catholicism?

I don’t ask to be confrontational I ask because there is a similar situation in my church. One of our pianists is, shall we say, a large man, who resembles a hells angel in both appearance and dress…even when sitting in church :rolleyes:

He wears what appears to be Thor’s Hammer around his neck…while sitting in church, while playing the piano for the choir, while recieving the Eucharist. If you are doing something along these lines then I could possibly understand why you have experienced what you have.


If you’re Wiccan? So your a member of a mystery fertility cult that worships the deities known as the Lord and Lady of the Isles?

Have you been properly initiated? Have you participated in the “Great Rite” What’s your tradition? Are you a member of lineaged coven which can trace a lineage of initiation from Gerald Gardner (the founder of Wicca)


Yes and at times I have been made to feel uncomfortable. I just ignore rude people. I know I am making a statement of faith and expect both + & - remarks.


I must admit that I too am confused about the comment that you receive discrimination from “many Catholic churches.” Unless you are physically going into multiple churches and making your presence as a pagan known, this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

While I was pagan, if I had occasion to enter a church (for a wedding or a funeral, for instance), I went out of my way to be respectful in actions and appearance. Any problems I had with Christian discrimination as a pagan occurred away from churches rather than inside them.


A lot of people will associate the pentagram with satanism.


The way you phrased it, it seems like of all the things people have done to you, you found the attempted conversion the worst of them all. I’m surprised because for someone to do that shows concern for you. I’ve had a pagan try to share their faith with me, and while I wasn’t interested, I took it as a sign that this person cared.
Anyway, a lot of people would confuse the pentacle with a pentagram. They wouldn’t understand that a pentagram is actually an upside-down pentacle, like the upside down cross is a satanic symbol as well. That would probably explain a lot.


I don’t believe you. discrimination from **many Catholic Churches? ** What does that even mean?

Individuals, maybe, but even then, I am a pretty faithful Catholic, and I doubt I’d even notice a pentagram

Or if I did, wouldn’t put two and two together.

This is either hyperbole, or just made up.


Just my personal opinion. People are made by God to seek God, and they often seek him in religions that combine truth with falsehood. Paganism was one great instance of such a search.

BTW, paganism and Wicca have little that is fundamental in common, but mostly outward appearances. Catholic writer G.K. Chesterton had respect for ancient paganism. He wrote “Paganism was the biggest thing in the world, and Christianity was bigger and everything since has been comparatively small.”

You might want to read modern-day Catholic writer Peter Kreeft on paganism then and now: catholiceducation.org/articles/apologetics/ap0010.html

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