Wiccan wedding


My friend is planning on marrying a Wiccan and I have a question: I know he can get a dispension to maary her and get a dispension of form so he can get married in a Wiccan wedding, but would it be okay for him to take part in said wedding? What about the broom hopping and prayers to false gods?


Personally, I am big on spiritual warfare so I would have nothing to do with Wiccan rituals but that is just me. I also recommend that he don’t have anything to do with Wiccan rituals either. Anyway, I’m praying for the conversion of his fiancé.


The Church would not give a dispensation to marry outside The Church …and absolutely not in a pagan type of religion or ritual.



I didn’t think so either. :slight_smile:


If he’s a Catholic, then why would he even want to partake of a pagan ritual?

I have been to a wedding where they had a minister, it was a Christian wedding, but at the end, they did the broom hoping just as a fun addition to it all. But no talk about gods and goddesses, etc…

I would imagine that he will really, really have to describe his intentions and how this ritual will go down…

I pray for them.


no it is unlikely to impossible that a Catholic would get a dispensation to marry in the manner you describe, because such dispensations are granted only for overriding pastoral reasons and necessity, and always with priority placed on protecting the faith of the Catholic partners, which in this instance is directly in jeopardy, and also gives little to no hope the children of the marriage will be raised Catholic.

Your friend has obviously not even spoken to his Catholic pastor if he asks such a question, and will be advised strenuously during the mandatory marriage preparation to break off this dangerous relationship. It is doubtful he could even get a dispensation to marry this person anywhere. The question is also somewhat naive. How does someone get married w/o participating in the wedding?


Your friend can apply for a dispensation, I cannot see the Church granting it. I’d pray that his Priest advises him against attempting marriage with someone who practices the occult.


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